Molecular/Cellular RESEARCH-TORONTO

Pierre Dion 102605.2065 at CompuServe.COM
Fri Jun 28 10:40:42 EST 1996

We have recently been mandated by a prominent Canadian 
biotechnological company to recruit a person to head their molecular
and cellular research.  Our client's mission is focused upon 
discovering and developing innovative therapeutics using modern 
molecular and chemical technologies.  Significant disease targets 
are identified through advanced biological techniques.  Strategic 
alliances are an integral part of corporate strategy for moving 
in-house technologies to commercialization.  The incumbent will 
report to the senior Vice-President, Research and Clinical 
Development, and will directly supervise five to six people and 
indirectly between twenty-five to thirty-five people.

We are looking for people with a Ph.D. in Molecular 
Biology/Biochemistry and at least 8 years research experience in an 
industrial environment following postdoctoral training in relevant 
experimental areas in a multidisciplinary environment.

This position is located in Toronto with an attractive compensation 
package.  If you are interested in submitting your resume or 
obtaining more information about this position, please contact 
Marlene Harris at 800 261-3204. 


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