New protein database at Weizmann

Michael Rebhan lvrebhan at BIOINFORMATICS.WEIZMANN.AC.IL
Mon Sep 16 13:03:49 EST 1996

At the Bioinformatics Server of the Weizmann Institute of Science in
Rehovot, Israel, you can find a new database covering many aspects of
proteins and other molecules, including their cellular function, a list
of antibodies, email addresses of researchers, and their involvement in
diseases (

Because the author
unfortunately, is able to invest only a small proportion of his time
into this project, the list of entries is still relatively small.
However, he would be very glad if some people could be interested in
supporting this project (writing something not too time-consuming about
their molecule of interest, reviewing information about certain
molecules, suggesting sources for funding etc.). 

If you want to get an idea about the basic concept of this database,
have a look at the typical entry at:

Comments and suggestions to: lvrebhan at

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