Photosynthesis programs

Jennifer Marie Rubatt jmrubatt at STUDENTS.WISC.EDU
Mon Apr 14 12:23:20 EST 1997

Hi, I am an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  I am
working under Professor Becker on a research project.  We are currently
viewing and evaluating computer programs on the topic of photosynthesis.
Eventually we would like to create our own interactive animated CD-ROM
program about photosynthesis.  I was wondering if you have or know of any
programs we could view to build our evaluation file.  If you have any
programs that would be pertinent either e-mail me or you can send any
programs (on a trial basis-we are happy to return them upon evaluation) to:

Wayne Becker Dept. of Botany
B115 Birge Hall
Madison, WI  53706

Thank you for your time and I greatly appreciate you cooperation.
Jennifer Rubatt

P.S.  Any questions can be directed to me through e-mail.

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