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May 5-6, 1997 
Princess Resort - San Diego, California

Corporate Sponsors: American Red Cross and Centeon
Corporate Support: Immuno US
Corporate Donor: Haemacure Corporation

Scientific Advisory Committee				
Dr. Barbara Alving, Walter Reed Army Inst of Research								
Dr. Teresa Brodniewicz, Haemacure Corporation-CANADA			
Dr. Thomas Lynch, Food and Drug Administration
Dr. Uri Martinowitz, National Hemophilia Center-ISRAEL			
Dr. Michael O’Leary, U.S. Navy, Marine Corps.		

Prospects and Safety Issues for Tissue Sealants
The Future of Fibrin Sealants: Applications and Viral Safety: 
	Dr. William Drohan, American Red Cross (confirmed)
Regulatory Update on Fibrin Sealants: 
	Dr. Thomas Lynch, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (confirmed)
Differential Responses to the Intravenous Infusion of Human or Bovine 
Thrombin Preparations in Swine:
 	Dr. Anthony Pusateri,William Beaumont Army Medical 
	Center (confirmed)
Evaluation of Acute and Viral Safety in Association with Baxter Hyland

Fibrin Sealant, Sealagen®: 
	Dr. Gordon Bray, Baxter Healthcare Corporation (confirmed)
Surgical Applications
Results with Fibrin Sealant in Cardiovascular Surgery: 
	Dr. William Spotznitz, University of Virginia (confirmed)
Use of Autologous Fibrin Tissue Adhesive in Facial Plastic and 
Reconstructive Surgery: 
	Dr. Dean Toriumi, University of Illinois at Chicago (confirmed)
Sutureless Tracheal Reconstruction using Fibrin Tissue Sealant: 
	Dr. D. Richard Kang, US Navy, Marine Corps (confirmed)
Surgical use of TISSEEL® in the U.S.: 
	Dr. A. Thomas Waytes, IMMUNO-U.S., Inc. (confirmed)
Neurosurgical Applications of Fibrin Glue: Technical Note for 
Protection of Cerebrospinal Fluid Leakage: 
	Yutaka Sawamura, University of Hokkaido (confirmed)
Heamostasis and Related Applications
Treatment of Severe Porcine Liver Injuries with Resorbable dry Fibrin 
Sealant Dressing Versus gauze Packing:
	Dr. John Holcomb, William Beaumont Army Medical Center (confirmed)
Results with Fibrin Sealant in Trauma Therapy: 
	Dr. Gage Oschner, Memorial Medical Center-Savannah (invited)
Hemostatic and Compositional Aspects of Fibrin Sealant: 
	Dr. Gerard Marx, VITEX, Inc. (confirmed)
Hemostasis and Control of Bleeding with Fibrin Sealant (FS): 
Endoscopic Treatment of Bleeding Gastroduodenal Ulcers with 
	Dr. Anton Hoos, Centon Corporation (confirmed)
Emerging Uses of Fibrin Sealants
	Dr. Martin MacPhee, American Red Cross
Neovascularization of Cardiomyoplasties: 
	Dr. Ramachandra Reddy, Alleghany General Hospital (confirmed)
Peripheral Nerve Repair Using Fibrin Sealant: 
	Dr. David Kulber, Cedar-Sinai Medical Center (confirmed)
Local Delivery of Antibiotic for Menierre’s Disease: 
	Dr. Michael O’Leary, U.S. Navy, Marine Corps. (confirmed)
Effects of Fibrin Sealant Supplemented with TGF-b2 on Porcine 
Cutaneous Wounds Closed by Primary Intent: 
	Dr. John McPherson, Genzyme Corporation (confirmed)

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