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Wed Mar 5 04:54:55 EST 1997

Hello everybody!

We're students in agronomy in Institut National Agronomique Paris Grignon 
in France. We're working on a project of sequencing 3 pathogenic 
bacteria, Erwinia chrysentemi, Brucella and Pasteurella i.e. bacteria 
pathogenic on either plant, animal and human. This is like a learning 
exercise but we have to hardly argue beyond a technical and scientific 
board of examiners.

We're searching for suggested readings but also advices or comments on 
this project.
Some few details that we wanted being precised or described:
- The bacteria we have choosen and the reasons why we choose them
	a plant pathogenic bacteria Erwinia chrysanthemi
	an  animal one: Pasteurella
	a human one: Brucella
- Characteristics and description of their pathogenicity
- technics of sequencing
	how obtaining DNA banks
	cloning (which vectors); how many clones necessary
	how obtaining contigs
	analyse of the datas
	how finding ORFs 
-achievement of the project
	number of researchers and technicians required
- reasons to make such a project = what we are searching for
	real breakthrought for any scientist or only datas for 
	better knowledge of pathogenicity genes, of any bacterial gene
	sequencing the whole genome vs sequencing the islands of 
	finding new means for fighting against these pathogens

Please excuse our poor English...
Any idea is welcome!

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Remi Casteras and Fabienne Labilloy

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