Tired of the $1/$5 Programs - untitled.txt

Hugo hps at reuna.cl
Mon Nov 17 11:37:24 EST 1997

I am a researcher in bioinformatic field. 
I have interest in work in a Internet group like you pretend. 
I have 10 year of experince in design & develop software in many areas
Bussines, Medicine (I create an sell a expert system in Spain &
Argentina ) and
Electrical Networks.
But exist some questions:
1) My english is not very fluid, I can have the effort in order to
communicate with the group. In other hand, my native language is
spanish, the group can take advantage cover
our market too. 
2) If someone in the group can't work with foreing people, is not
convenient for me
and I respect the point of view (but, I not share it).
3) I want more about the opportunity, and what expected for my profile.

If you think my profile is good for the work, please send me a mail to:
Hugo_ps at hotmail.com.

Hugo Perez Santangelo

> I would like to share this opportutinty with
> anyone that would like to work with a group of people that have come
> together to make network marketing what it is supposed to be. A group of
> people working together as a true group.

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