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Davs Shaw dshaw at
Mon Oct 13 13:32:19 EST 1997

> Igor Zeman
> Department of Biochemistry
> Faculty of Natural Sciences
> Comenius University
> Mlynska dolina CH-1
> Bratislava  842 15
> Slovakia

HI! Igor,
	the old Dos standard for downloading from medline etc. is a program
called "Papyrus", I think it is still available. Older versions of
current Winxxxx programs such as "Endnote" and "Reference Manager" would
also do. The main problem with Papyrus is that it can be awkward to
establish the correct download profile, otherwise it will just ignore
your references. I am sorry but I don't actually know the addresses of
the suppliers for these, but it should atleast give you a start

	Good luck


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