¡ÜWhile You Surf¡Ü$.50/Hour! 4812

ebcjvn at ghfusosg.com ebcjvn at ghfusosg.com
Fri Apr 9 15:35:55 EST 1999

How do I "Get Paid to Surf the Web?"

Visit http://my.netian.com/~netcash/q7refer

and then sign up. It's free. It's fast (one minute - 
no survey to fill out). You get a member ID# immediately 
upon joining. Then you are eligible to download Viewbar¢â.

The Viewbar¢â is a small bar. The Viewbar¢â comes up
automatically at the bottom of your Web browser when you
go online. 

While you are on the Net and the Viewbar¢â is active, 
AllAdvantage.com will pay you $.50 per hour. 

You can get the Viewbar¢â off your screen at any time with
just one click. 

The Viewbar¢â will be made available on a first come, 
first served basis, so it pays to sign up early. 

Members are paid for their own Web browsing and for 
referrals. Please tell as many of your friends about this
program as possible. 

Have a nice day!


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