What is this place for?

Larry Hunter lhunter at nih.gov
Tue Jun 15 10:04:48 EST 1999

  Lilian Hunt asks

    what exactly is this group for?

It's a bit of a historical artifact, Lilian.  The "Biomatrix" was an idea
promoted by Harold Morowitz in the mid 1980s (then of Yale, now a University
Professor at George Mason University) about applying artificial intelligence
methods to build and manipulate "knowledge bases" of biological
information. There were a couple of workshops at the Santa Fe Institute, and
some conferences, as well as a "Biomatrix society" that published a
newsletter for a while.   There was also an Institute of Medicine report on
"Models for Biology", published c. 1987 that discussed the idea. 

Although I wasn't at the Santa Fe workshops (1986 & '87, I think), I did go
to the conferences, and was a member of the society.  It's been largely
superceded by fast moving events in computational biology in the last few
years, but the newsgroup lives on.

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