Opportunity is knocking at YOUR door!!!

Jimmy Williams jlwill11 at msn.com
Thu May 11 23:29:06 EST 2000

Opportunity is Knocking at Your Door!

I hope this letter finds you well.

I was recently asked 4 questions that I would like to ask you:

1.) Is the Internet the future?
2.) Are there fortunes being made on the Internet?
3.) Are you currently making money on the Internet?
4.) Would you LIKE to make money on the internet?

If you answered YES to questions #1,2, and 4, then please take a little time
and review the Internet Marketing Programs below to get your share of the

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What about a company doing it's own marketing and recruiting to build YOUR
Welcome to the Streamline Plan for Success! The only plan simple enough for
ALL to succeed with.
Tap into the speed and power of the Internet with your own Web Page and
Guaranteed Check! Earning potential of $400-$14,565+/month!


Click on the email link below for more information, hit reply and type
"Streamline" in the subject line for immediate reply.

<ahref="mailto:incomestream at classifiedtoday.com">incomestream at classifiedtoda

What's In It For ME? The CookieCutter!

The "CookieCutter" Marketing System is a complete online marketing system...
all contained on ONE SINGLE PAGE sales letter.
A top high quality product, and a 3-part automated marketing system, which
gets delivered by email autoresponder...and or personal email, which ever
way you choose.

The 3-part automated marketing system are Killer Ads, Sales Letter with
marketing plan, and Bootcamp.
All 3 come packaged part of the "CookieCutter" ready to sell. Bootcamp is
just what it sound like. It's basic training in Internet Marketing. It's
formatted to take you step by step from "wanna be" to"web-smart marketing

The cost to become a member of the "CookieCutter" is only $20. Immediately
upon receipt of the $20 payment the new member recieves access to the
"CookieCutter Bootcamp Training Site", with your
own secure username and password. At the site you are given additional
information on where to advertise for FREE on the internet, how to accept
credit payments without an expensive merchant account, how to set up an
autoresponder to automate your follow-ups and much more...

Upon enrolling and becoming a member of the "CookieCutter", you are enabled
to enroll new members and the $20 enrollment fee for each new member is
your's to keep. Yes the $20 for each new member you enroll is yours to

No other online opportunity offer this much for so little.

Click on the email link below hit reply and type CookieCutter in Subject

<ahref="mailto:incomestream at classifiedtoday.com">incomestream at classifiedtoda

Email Money to Anyone with PayPal:

Email money to friends, family, business, auctions, with a click of the
It's simple, efficient, and brainless.
PayPal charges the money to credit card or bank account.

Sign up and recieve $5.00. Earn $5.00 each time you refer and sign someone
up for PayPal. Act now! Get Paid!

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Personal, Home, Auto Security:

Do you have concern for your Personal, Home, and Auto security? If you do,
You're reading the right mail.

We sell pepper sprays, personal alarms, home alarms, stun guns, automobile
alarms and much more...

Order online via secure connection.
Call toll-free 1-800-822-5152 to order by telephone.
Deliveries are shipped to your home.

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