Is your credit less than perfect?

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Is your credit less than perfect?

If so, then you must read this email.
We have compiled a 104 page e-book GUARANTEED
to give you an excellent credit rating in 
less than 30 days. You can download this 
information today for only $29, and enjoy all
the benefits of excellent credit within 30 
A recent customer had this to say:
"Hello, my name is John Simmers. In 1997, I
owned my own business...however, due to a
slow economy I had to file bankruptcy. 
Creditors reposed, my home, car and most of
my other belongings. Then I was fortunate enough
to find out about the Financial Freedom 
Services Ltd. It has truly changed my life.
Within 2 weeks of ordering your e-book, I was
able to obtain a copy or my credit report, 
remove every negative item, and place over
$5,000 in true, positive credit information 
on my credit file. 
It has now been 1 year since I bought this
program and I now have $130,000 in unsecured
credit lines and have recently financed a new
$285,000 home with $0 down and a new $56,000
Thank You for sharing your knowledge with me
and allowing me to regain control of my credit
and my life."
		John Simmers
		Los Angeles, CA
Over the last few years we have received 
thousands of positive letters from customers
just like this one. 
This e-boox will show you how to legally:
  - obtain your credit report quickly and at
    no charge;
  - instantly add positive, legal items on 
    your credit report;
  - quickly and easily remove negative items
    permanently from your credit file.
We guarantee in less than 30 days, our 
information will allow you to do all of the 
  - buy a new car;

  - buy a home;

  - take a vacation;

  - start your own business;

  - enjoy life without financial troubles.

If, for any reason, you are unable attain
excellent credit in less than 30 days, your
money will be refunded. 



To order, simply complete the fields below 
and fax this form toll free to 888.244.4366.
Your checking account will be electronically
debited for $29.00 by ECT Payment Systems.
Orders faxed before 12:00 pm EST are 
processed and emailed the same day. Orders
after 12:00pm will be processed and emailed
on the next day.

If you do not have access to a fax machine,
you may send faxes for free from many web
based email accounts, such as,,, and many others.


AND FAX TOLL FREE TO 888.244.4366.

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Phone:          ___________________________

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All Numbers at
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FAX TOLL FREE TO 888.244.4366

** We respect your privacy and will not share
any of the above information with any other 
persons or companies. **

This is a one time email transmission, either
requested by you or by someone you know. The
information provided is for educational
purposes only and FFS Ltd is not providing a
service. This offer is void where prohibited.
This cannot be considered spam as long as the
sender includes a method of removal at no cost
to the recipient as stated in bill s.1618 
TITLE III passed by the 105th US Congress. 
This is a one time email transmission; no need
for removal is required. If you do not respond,
FFS Lts will not contact you and you will be
automatically removed.


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