Adventurous bioinformaticist wanted...

Ben Goertzel ben at
Fri Jun 1 20:00:39 EST 2001

Hi all,

The company I founded in 1997, Webmind Inc., has just gone bankrupt. 
The whole story can be read at

Surviving Webmind Inc., however, there is still a dedicated technical
team and a lot of valuable AI code.

One of the several avenues I'm exploring in trying to find a way to
fund Webmind AI research on an ongoing basis is *bioinformatics*

I believe that the Webmind AI Engine can provide an unprecedentedly
powerful way of processing gene and protein expression data as
produced by experiments with microarrays (DNA chips, spotted
microarrays, etc.), using more general functional information about
genomes and proteomes as background...

I've created a business plan for a proposed start-up company in this
area.  But one thing looks weird about this plan: All of us cofounders
are computer science people, none of us are biologists.  I happen to
know a fair bit about bioinformatics, but I'm not truly an expert.

So what I'm looking for is a bioinformatics expert with a strong
bioscience background who is interested in being involved with an
AI/bioinformatics startup.  Basically all I need from this person at
present is: some advice, the ability to list you on a business plan,
and to summon you for VC meetings as (if ;) they're set up....

Any such folks on this list?  Or, if any of you knows someone who
might fit the bill, please pass my request along to them.

ben goertzel

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