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The Eighth ACM SIGKDD International Conference on
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
July 23-26, 2002
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The 8th  International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
welcomes participants during the four days between 23rd and 26th of July
2002. The Conference will take place in Edmonton few days apart from other 
conferences such as AAAI, ISMB and other events 

This year the SIGKDD conference will have three parallel tracks: two tracks 
of research papers in addition to the industrial track, a total of 44 papers 
and 44 posters. 

In addition, 6 workshops will be organized on July 23:
-2nd BIOKDD: Workshop on Data Mining in Bioinformatics 
-4th WEBKDD: Web Mining for Usage Patterns and User Profiles 
-3rd MDM/KDD: Workshop on Multimedia Data Mining 
-MRDM Multi-Relational Data Mining 
-2nd Workshop on Temporal Data Mining 
-Fractals and Self-similarity in Data Mining: Issues and Approache

Six tutorials will be given during the conference:
-Multivariate Density Estimation and Visual Clustering
 David W. Scott
-Text Mining for Bioinformatics
 Hinrich Schuetze, Russ Altman
-Link Analysis : Current State of the Art
 Ronen Feldman
-Common Reasons Data Mining Projects Fail
 Monte F. Hancock
-Querying and Mining Data Streams: you only get one look
 Rajeev Rastogi, Minos Garofalakis, Johannes Gehrke
-Visual Data Mining: Background, Techniques, and Drug Discovery Applications
 Georges Grinstein, Mihael Ankerst, Daniel A. Keim

         The Early Registration Fee deadline is June 19, 2002

For more details, please check the conference web site at:

The following are the accepted papers to be presented at the conference.

Full Research Papers:
 Query, Analysis, and Visualization of Hierarchically Structured Data using Polaris 
     Christopher Stolte, Diane Tang, Pat Hanrahan 

 DualMiner: A Dual-Pruning Algorithm for Itemsets with Constraints 
     Daniel Kifer, Cristian Bucila, Johannes Gehrke, Walker White 

 Pattern Discovery in Sequences under a Markov Assumption 
     Padhraic Smyth, Darya Chudova 

 Efficiently Mining Frequent Trees in a Forest 
     Mohammed Zaki 

 Relational Markov Models and their Application to Adaptive Web Navigation 
     Corin Anderson, Pedro Domingos, Daniel Weld 

 PEBL: Positive Example Based Learning for Web Page Classification Using SVM 
     Hwanjo Yu, Jiawei Han 

 Web Site Mining: A new way to spot Competitors, Customers and Suppliers in the World Wide Web 
     Matthias Schubert, Martin Ester, Hans-Peter Kriegel 

 On the Need for Time Series Data Mining Benchmarks: A Survey and Empirical Demonstration 
     Eamonn Keogh, Shruti Kasetty 

 Mining Frequent Item Sets by Opportunistic Projection 
     Junqiang Liu, Jiawei Han, Ke Wang, Yunhe Pan 

 ANF: A Fast and Scalable Tool for Data Mining in Massive Graphs 
     Christopher Palmer, Christos Faloutsos, Phillip Gibbons 

 Sequential Cost-Sensitive Decision Making with Reinforcement Learning 
     Edwin Pednault, Wei Fan, Haixun Wang, Naoki Abe, Bianca Zadrozny, Chidanand Apte 

 Mining Knowledge-Sharing Sites for Viral Marketing 
     Matthew Richardson, Pedro Domingos 

 On Interactive Visualization of high-dimensional Data using the Hyperbolic Plane 
     Jorg Walter 

 MARK: A Boosting Algorithm for Heterogeneous Kernel Models 
     Kristin Bennett, Michinari Momma, Mark Embrechts 

 Enhanced Word Clustering for Hierarchical Text Classification 
     Inderjit Dhillon, Subramanyam Mallela, Rahul Kumar 

 Bayesian analysis of massive datasets via particle filters 
     Greg Ridgeway, David Madigan 

 Optimizing Search Engines Using Clickthrough Data 
     Thorsten Joachims 

 Efficient Handling of High-Dimensional Feature Spaces by Randomized Classifier Ensembles 
     Kolcz Aleksander, xiaomei Sun, Jugal Kalita 

 Predicting Rare Classes: Can Boosting Make Any Weak Learner Strong? 
     Mahesh Joshi, Vipin Kumar, Ramesh Agarwal 

 Privacy Preserving Mining of Association Rules 
     Alexandre Evfimievski, Johannes Gehrke, Ramakrishnan Srikant, Rakesh Agrawal 

 Bursty and Hierarchical Structure in Streams 
     Jon Kleinberg 

 A Parallel Learning Algorithm for Text Classification 
     Canasai Kuengkrai, Chuleerat Jaruskulchai 

 Scalable Robust Covariance and Correlation Estimates for Data Mining 
     Fatemah ALqallaf, Ruben H. Zamar, Kjell Konis, Douglas Martin 

 Transforming Data to Satisfy Privacy Constraints 
     Vijay Iyengar 

 A Refinement Approach to Handling Model Misfit in Text Categorization 
     Tong Heng Phang, Bing Liu, Xiaoli Li Li, Haoran Wu 

 Shrinkage Estimator Generalizations of Proximal Support Vector Machines 
     Deepak Agarwal 

 Interactive Deduplication using Active Learning 
     Sunita Sarawagi,Anuradha Bhamidipaty 

 Hierarchical Model-Based Clustering of Large Datasets Through Fractionation and Refractionation. 
     Jeremy Tantrum, Werner Stuetzle, Alejandro Murua 

 On Effective Classification of Strings with Wavelets 
     Charu Aggarwal 

 Exploiting Unlabeled Data in Ensemble Methods 
     Kristin Bennett,Ayhan Demiriz, Richard Maclin 

 Querying Multiple Sets of Discovered Rules 
     Alexander Tuzhilin, Bing Liu 

 Selecting the Right Interestingness Measure for Association Patterns 
     Pang-Ning Tan, Vipin Kumar, Jaideep Srivastava 

Full Industrial/Application Papers:
Full Industrial/Application Papers:

 Exploiting Response Models - Optimizing Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Opportunities in Banking 
     Andrew Storey, Marc-david Cohen 

 Learning Domain-Independent String Transformation Weights for High Accuracy Object Identification 
     Sheila Tejada, Craig A. Knoblock, Steven Minton 

 Mining Intrusion Detection Alarms for Actionable Knowledge 
     Klaus Julisch, Marc Dacier 

 Customer Lifetime Value Modeling and Its Use for Customer Retention Planning 
     Einat Neumann, Saharon Rosset, Uri Eick 

 A System for Real-time Competitive Market Intelligence 
     Sholom Weiss, Naval Verma 

 Learning Nonstationary Models of Normal Network Traffic for Detecting Novel Attacks 
     Matt Mahoney, Philip K. Chan 

 Handling Very Large Numbers of Association Rules in the Analysis of Microarray Data 
     Gediminas Adomavicius, Alexander Tuzhilin 

 Mining Product Reputations on the Web 
     Satoshi MORINAGA, Kenji Yamanishi, Kenji Tateishi, Toshikazu Fukushima 

 Interaction-pattern Mining for Software Requirements Recovery 
     Mohammad el-ramly, Eleni Stroulia, Paul Sorenson 

 On the potential of domain literature for Bayesian network learning and for clustering 
     Peter Antal, Patrick Glenisson, Geert Fannes, Janick Mathys, Bart De Moor, Yves Moreau 

 ADMIT: Anomaly-based Data Mining for Intrusions 
     Mohammed Zaki, karlton sequeira 

 Mining Heterogeneous Gene Expression with Time Lagged Recurrent Neural Networks 
     Yulan Liang, Arpad Kelemen 

Poster Papers:

 Privacy Preserving Association Rule Mining in Vertically Partitioned Data 
     Jaideep Vaidya, Chris Clifton 

 Incremental Context Mining for Adaptive Document Classification 
     Rey-Long Liu, Yun-Ling Lu 

 Construct robust rule sets for classification 
     Jiuyong Li, Rodney Topor, Hong Shen 

 Tumor Cell Identification using Features Rules 
     Wynne Hsu, Mong Li Lee, Bin Fang 

 Combining Clustering and Co-training to Enhance Text Classification Using Unlabelled Data 
     Bhavani Raskutti, Adam Kowalczyk, Herman Ferra 

 Converting A Trained Neural Network To A Decision Tree DecText - Decision Tree Extractor 
     Olcay Boz 

 Finding all Surprising Patterns in a Time Series Database In Linear Time and Space 
     Eamonn Keogh, Bill 'Yuan-chi' Chiu, Stefano Lonardi 

 Topics in 0-1 data 
     Ella Bingham, Heikki Mannila, Jouni K. Seppanen 

 Scaling multi-class Support Vector Machines using inter-class confusion 
     Shantanu Godbole, Sunita Sarawagi, Soumen Chakrabarti 

 SyMP: An Efficient Clustering Approach to Identify Clusters of Arbitrary Shapes in Large Data Sets 
     Hichem Frigui 

 Distributed Data Mining in a Chain Store Database of Short Transactions 
     Cheng-Ru Lin, Chang-Hung Lee, Ming-Syan Chen, Philip Yu 

 CLOPE: A Fast and Effective Clustering Algorithm for Transactional Data 
     Yiling Yang, Xudong Guan, Jinyuan You 

 Instability of Decision Tree Classification Algorithms 
     Ruey-Hsia Li, Geneva Belford 

 SimRank: A Measure of Structural-Context Similarity 
     Glen Jeh, Jennifer Widom 

 Collusion in The U.S. Crop Insurance Program: Applied Data Mining 
     Bert Little, Walter Johnston, Ashley Lovell, Roderick Rejesus, Steve Steed 

 A Model for Discovering Customer Value for E-Content 
     Srinivasan Jagannathan, Jayanth Nayak, Kevin Almeroth, Markus Hofmann 

 Discovery Net: Towards a Grid of Knowledge Discovery 
     Patrick Wendel, Yike Guo, Vasa Curcin, Moustafa Ghanem, Martin Kohler, Jameel Syed,
     Anthony Rowe 

 Mining Complex Models from Arbitrarily Large Databases in Constant Time 
     Geoff Hulten, Pedro Domingos 

 Integrating Feature and Instance Selection for Text Classification 
     Dimitris Meretakis, Dimitris Fragoudis, Spiros Likothanassis 

 A New Two-Phase Sampling Based Algorithm for Discovering Association Rules 
     Bin Chen, Haas Peter, Peter Scheuermann 

 A Theoretical Framework for Learning from a Pool of Disparate Data Sources 
     Shai Ben-David, Johannes Gehrke, Reba Schuller 

 Frequent Term-Based Text Clustering 
     Martin Ester, Xiaowei Xu, Florian Beil 

 CVS: A Correlation-Verification Based Smoothing Technique on Information Retrieval and Term
     Christina Yip Chung, Bin Chen 

 Topic-conditioned Novelty Detection 
     Jian Zhang,Yiming Yang, Jaime Carbonell, Chun Jin 

 A Robust and Efficient Clustering Algorithm based on Cohesion Self-Merging 
     Ming-Syan Chen, Cheng-Ru Lin 

 Sequential PAttern Mining Using Bitmaps 
     Jay Ayres, Johannes Gehrke, Tomi Yiu, Jason Flannick 

 Non-Linear Dimensionality Reduction Techniques for Classification and Visualization 
     Michail Vlachos, Dimitris Gunopulos, George Kollios, Carlotta Domeniconi, Niko Koudas 

 SECRET: A Scalable Linear Regression Tree Algorithm 
     Alin Dobra, Johannes Gehrke 

 Item Selection By "Hub-Authority" Profit Ranking 
     Ke Wang, Ming-Yen Thomas Su 

 Discovering Word Senses from Text 
     Dekang Lin, Patrick Pantel 

 Making every bit count: Fast nonlinear axis scaling 
     Leejay Wu, Christos Faloutsos 

 Clustering Seasonality Patterns in the Presence of Errors 
     Mahesh Kumar, Nitin Patel, Jonathan Woo 

 Learning to Match and Cluster Large High-Dimensional Data Sets For Data Integration 
     William Cohen, Jacob Richman 

 Transforming classifier scores into accurate multiclass probability estimates 
     Bianca Zadrozny, Charles Elkan 

 Single-shot Detection of Multiple Categories of Text using Parametric Mixture Models 
     Naonori Ueda, Kazumi Saito 

 B-EM: A Classifier Incorporating Bootstrap with EM Approach for Data Mining 
     Xintao Wu, Jianping Fan, Kalpathi Subramanian 

 Collaborative Crawling: Mining User Experiences for Topical Resource Discovery 
     Charu Aggarwal 

 A Unifying Framework for Outlier Detection and Change Point Detection from Non-stationary Time
 Series Data 
     Kenji Yamanishi, Jun-ichi Takeuchi 

 Similarity Measure Based on Partial Information of Time series 
     Xiaoming Jin, Yuchang Lu, Chunyi Shi 

 Visualization Support for an User-Centered KDD Process 
     TrongDung Nguyen, Dung Nguyen Duc, Bao Ho Tu 

 What's the Code? Classification of Source Code Archives 
     Lee Giles, Secil Ugurel, Robert Krovetz, David Pennock, Eric Glover, Hongyuan Zha 

 Statistical Modeling of Large-Scale Simulation Data 
     Tina Eliassi-Rad, Terence Critchlow, Ghaleb Abdulla 

 Discovering Informative Content Blocks from Web Documents 
     Shian-Hua Lin, Jan-Ming Ho 

 Evaluating Classifiers Performance in a Constrained Environment 
     Anna Olecka 

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