IDEAL2003 Call-for-paper (Paper Submission Due Date: December 31, 2002 !!)

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Fri Nov 22 04:08:11 EST 2002

Dear Professor,

    We are organizing the Fourth International Conference on Intelligent
Data Engineering and Automated Learning (IDEAL'03). The conference will
be held at the same venue and time period as the IEEE CIFEr2003 conference,
which is in Hong Kong on March 21-23th, 2003. The submission due date is
December 31, 2002. Attached please find the Call-for-Paper.
    We sincerely solicit your paper submission(s), and hope you can
participate in this big event. We are looking forward to meeting you at
Hong Kong in the coming March!

Best regards,
Secretariat of IDEAL2003
Address: 7/F, Sir Run Run Shaw Building,
  Department of Computer Science,
  Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong,
  Kowloon, Hong Kong, P.R. China
Tel.:  (852) 3411 5155
Fax:  (852) 3411 7892
E-mail: ideal03 at

We sincerely apologize if you receive multiple copies of this

Call For Papers (The submission due date: December 31, 2002 !!)

Fourth International Conference on Intelligent Data Engineering
and Automated Learning (IDEAL'03)

March 21-23, 2003, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

The IDEAL'03 conference will be co-jointly held with International
on Computational Intelligence for Financial Engineering (CIFEr2003) and
by Hong Kong Baptist University.

As a biennial conference, IDEAL was firstly launched from Hong Kong in 1998,
which is dedicated to emerging and challenging topics in intelligent data
analysis and engineering and their associated learning paradigms. Following
from the past highly successful IDEAL'98, IDEAL'00 and IDEAL'02, IDEAL will
become an annual conference starting from Year 2003. The fourth conference
will aim to provide a forum for researchers and engineers from academia and
industry to meet and to exchange ideas on the latest developments in data
engineering and learning, and to share their successes. IDEAL is an ideal
forum for revealing and developing the latest theoretical advances and
practical applications in intelligent data engineering and automated

Technical areas include, but are not limited to:

Automated  Learning:
- Collaborative and Collective learning
- Evolution, Learning and Adaptation
- Evolutionary Computation
- Neural Networks
- Fuzzy Logic
- Probabilistic Learning
- Learning Algorithms and Applications

Data Mining:
- Clustering and Classification
- Data Warehouse and E-organizations
- Indexing and Retrieval Methods
- Internet Database
- Knowledge Discovery
- Medical Diagnosis and Database
- Multi-model Data Analysis
- Multivariate Data Visualization
- Time series Analysis
- Text and Web Mining

- Agent Architectures and Protocols
- Autonomous Agents
- Multi-agents System
- Planning
- Agent-based Applications

- Gene Prediction
- Microarray Informatics
- Novel Computational Algorithms and Tools
- Protein Structural Prediction

Multimedia Information:
- Multimedia Database
- Speech Processing
- Pattern Recognition
- Image Processing
- Feature Extraction Methods and Applications

Financial Engineering:
- Electronic Commerce
- Fraud Detection
- Modeling and Forecasting
- Portfolio Management
- Risk Analysis and Management
- Statistics and Econometrics
- Volatility and Trading Strategies

Important Dates:
Submission Due Date:  December 31, 2002
Notification of Acceptance: January 31, 2003

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts written in English.
All submissions will be refereed by experts in the field based
on originality, significance, quality and clarity. All the
accepted IDEAL'03 papers will be published by Springer in a
post-conference proceeding. Authors should use the style files
or MS-Word templates as provided by the Springer Lecture Notes
to format their papers. The length of submitted paper should not
exceed 10 pages in the Lecture Notes format. Selected papers
will be considered for publication in "Web Intelligence and
Agent Systems: An International Journal" (IOS Press) and in
"Annual Review of Intelligent Informatics" (World Scientific),
after expansion and/or revision.

Authors should submit three copies of their manuscripts to the
IDEAL 2003 Secretariat (Address: Department of Computer Science,
7/F, Sir Run Run Shaw Building, Hong Kong Baptist University,
Hong Kong) and submit a postscript or Adobe PDF file of their
paper(s) by email (IDEAL03 at Please visit the
conference web site at for
instructions on the manuscript format and submission details.

IDEAL Advisory Committee
Lei Xu (Chair) (CUHK)   Hong Kong
Yaser Abu-Mostafa (CALTECH)  USA
Shun-ichi Amari (RIKEN)   Japan
Michael Dempster (Cambridge)  UK
Lalit M Patnaik (IIS)   India
Erkki Oja (Helsinki U.)   Finland

IDEAL Steering Committee
Lai-wan Chan (Chair)   Hong Kong
Hujun Yin (Co-chair)   UK
Nigel Allinson    UK
Yiu-ming Cheung    Hong Kong
Marc Van Hulle    Belgium
John Keane    UK
Jimmy Lee    Hong Kong
Malik Magdon-Ismail   USA
Ning Zhong    Japan

IDEAL2003 Organization

General Co-Chair
Nigel Allinson    UK
Lai-wan Chan    Hong Kong
Tao Tang    Hong Kong

Programme Committee
Jiming Liu (Chair)   Hong Kong
Hujun Yin (Co-Chair)   UK
Sherlock Au    Hong kong
Jim Austin    UK
Keith Chan    Hong Kong
Lai-wan Chan    Hong Kong
Ming-Syan Chen    Taiwan
Yiu-Ming Cheung    Hong Kong
Sungzoon Cho    Korea
Carlos Coello    Mexico
David Corne    UK
Kalyanmoy Deb    USA
Colin Fyfe    UK
Ling Feng    Netherlands
Joydeep Ghosh    USA
Howard Hamilton    Canada
Markus Hegland    Australia
Charlotte Hemelrijk   Switzerland
Howard Ho    USA
Joshua Zhexue Huang   Hong Kong
Marc M. Van Hulle   Belgium
Tony Holden    UK
Xialong Jin    Hong Kong
Hiroyuki Kawano    Japan
Samuel Kaski    Finland
John Keane    UK
Martin Kersten    Netherlands
Irwin King    Hong Kong
Kevin B. Korb    Australia
Doheon Lee    Korea
Jimmy Lee    Hong Kong
Loo Hay Lee    Singapore
Hong Va Leong    Hong Kong
Bing Liu    Singapore
Huan Liu    USA
Malik Magdon-Ismail   USA
Luc Moreau    UK
Akira Namatame    Japan
Michael Ng    Hong Kong
Ichiro Nishizaki   Japan
Omers F. Rana    UK
V J Rayward-Smith   UK
Guenter Rudolph    Germany
Marc Schoenauer    Frnace
Bernhard Sendhoff   Germany
Kyuseok Shim    Korea
Jennie Si    USA
Il-Yeol Song    USA
Hideyuki Takagi    Japan
Atsuhiro Takasu    Japan
Ah-Hwee Tan    Singapore
Bhavani Thuraisingham   USA
Kwok-ching Tsui    Hong Kong
Ke Wang     Canada
Lipo Wang    Singapore
Xin Yao     UK
Ikuo Yoshihara    Japan
Clement Yu    USA
Jeffrey Yu    Hong Kong
Mohammed Zaki    USA
Ali M.S. Zalzala   UK
Byoung-Tak Zhang   Korea

Organization Committee
Yiu-ming Cheung (Chair)   Hong Kong
Sherlock Au    Hong Kong
Man-chung Chan    Hong Kong
Rong-bo Huang    China
Xiaolong Jin    Hong Kong
Lap-tak Law, Rodney    Hong Kong
Kwok-ching Tsui    Hong Kong


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