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IEEE Data Mining 2002: Call for Participation

The 2002 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining
Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society

Maebashi TERRSA, Maebashi City, Japan
December 9 - 12, 2002 

Advance Registration by 10 November 2002
On-line registration (and other information)

Maebashi Convention Bureau
Maebashi City Government
Gunma Prefecture Government
Maebashi Institute of Technology
AdIn Research, Inc.
The Japan Research Institute, Limited
System Alpha, Inc., Japan
GCC Inc., Japan
SPSS Japan Inc.
The SAS Institute, Japan
Fressay, Japan
Yamato, Inc., Japan
Daiei Dream Co., LTD, Japan
Support Center for Advanced Telecom. Tech. Research

In Cooperation with Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence

The 2002 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (IEEE ICDM '02)
provides a leading international forum for the sharing of original
research results and practical development experiences among
researchers and application developers from different data mining
related areas such as machine learning, automated scientific
discovery, statistics, pattern recognition, knowledge acquisition,
soft computing, databases and data warehousing, data visualization,
and knowledge-based systems. The conference seeks solutions to
challenging problems facing the development of data mining systems,
and shapes future directions of research by promoting high quality,
novel and daring research findings. As an important part of the
conference, the workshops program will focus on new research
challenges and initiatives.

With the support of both world-renowned experts and new researchers
from the international data mining community, ICDM '02 has received an
overwhelming response compared to any other data mining related
conference this year: 369 paper submissions (22 industry track)
from 36 countries and regions, 9 workshop proposals, and 39 tutorial proposals.

* Invited Speakers: 

- Jaime Carbonell, Carnegie Mellon University, USA 
- Satoru Miyano, University of Tokyo, Japan 
- Hiroshi Motoda, Osaka University, Japan 
- Stephen Muggleton, Imperial College, UK 
- Steve Smale, (a fields medallist) University of California at Berkeley, USA
- Jeffrey D. Ullman, Stanford University, USA 

* ICDM '02 Tutorials (December, 9, 2002):

- Powerful Database Primitives to Support High Performance Data Mining
  by Christian Bohm (University for Health Informatics and Tech., Austria)

- Relational Data Mining
  by Saso Dzeroski (Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia)

- Avoiding Common Causes of Data Mining Project Failure
  by Monte F. Hancock, Jr. (CSI Corporation, USA)

- An Introduction to Knowledge Discovery in Medical Databases
  by John H. Holmes (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, USA)

- Data Mining in Bioinformatics
  by Gautam Singh (Oakland University, USA)

- Rough Set Data Analysis - A road to non-invasive knowledge discovery
  by Ivo Duntsch (Brock University, Canada) 
     Gunther Gediga (Institut fur Evaluation und Marktanalysen, Germany)

* ICDM '02 Workshops (December, 9, 2002):

- International Workshop on Active Mining (AM-2002)
  Web Page:

- The Foundation of Data Mining and Discovery
  Web Page:

- Workshop on Data Mining for Cyber Threat Analysis
  Web Page:

- Workshop on Privacy, Security, and Data Mining
  Web Page:

- First International Workshop on Data Cleaning and Preprocessing
  Web Page:

* Paper Presentations (December 10 - 12, 2002): Out of 369
  paper submissions, the IEEE ICDM '02 Program Committee accepted 72
  papers for regular presentation, an additional 41 papers for
  short presentation and 8 papers for industry track presentation.

* The conference will organize a tour during the conference to Ikaho hot 
  spring resort area, one of the most famous hot springs areas in Japan, 
  and have a banquet at Kogure Hotel in Ikaho.


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