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                             WEBKDD 2003
                          Call for Papers

                     The Fifth WEBKDD Workshop: 
Web Mining as a Premise to Effective and Intelligent Web Applications


                      In conjunction with

             The Ninth ACM SIGKDD International Conference on
                   Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
                August 24-27, 2003 - Washington, DC, USA

Important Dates
Abstracts due: Tuesday May 27th, 2003
Papers due:    Tuesday June 3rd, 2003 
Notification:  Friday June 27th, 2003
Camera Ready:  Thursday July 17th, 2003

WEBKDD'03 is the 5th of a successful series of workshops on knowledge
discovery in the Web. The Web presents a key driving force for a large
spectrum of applications, in which a user or even an application can
interact with a company, a governmental authority, a non-governmental
organization or a non-profit institution. To develop effective and
intelligent web-applications and web services, it is essential to
analyse patterns hidden in the usage of web resources, their contents
and their interconnections. User preferences and expectations together
with usage patterns form the basis for personalized, user-friendly and
business-optimal services. Contents, and link structures as well as
the semantic web are paramount for the development of good wrappers
for intelligent web agents. Enabling technologies include data mining,
document analysis and classification, user modelling and quality
evaluation models for them.  
The WEBKDD'03 workshop aims at bringing together practitioners on
web-commerce, portals and ASPs, decision-makers in
[MSOffice1]non-commercial institutions that exploit web technologies
to optimize their services, technology providers, and data mining
researchers to foster the exchange of ideas and the dissemination of
emerging solutions on user and usage modelling for effective and
intelligent web-based applications using web usage, structure and
content mining.   

Workshop Co-Chairs:
* Ronny Kohavi (Blue Martini Software, USA)
* Bing Liu (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)
* Brij Masand (Data Miners Inc., USA)
* Jaideep Srivastava (University of Minnesota, USA)
* Osmar R. Zaïane (University of Alberta, Canada)

For inquiry, send e-mail to
 webkdd03 at

Topics of interest:
WEBKDD '03 calls for contributions related to data mining of web log
data, site information, document contents, user records and
preferences; the exploitation of the mining results for user
profiling, user modeling, web structure and content mining, and web
usage metrics and intelligent web applications. These include the
following subjects: 

-Web Usage based Business Metrics 
* Relationship of appropriate web usage data capture and
  pre-processing methods to business metrics 
* Reliability and consistency of Metrics
* Integration of click stream data with back end data and related metrics
* Intelligent summarization/explanation of changes in key web usage metrics.

-Enabling technologies: (limitations and strengths)
* Data warehousing (both web and non-web data)
* Data collection including event streams, such as click streams, call
  center streams, and transactional data
* Techniques for web data preparation, including cleansing,
  transformation, and sampling
* Classification of web page texts and multimedia content

-Modeling users and usage:
* Profile establishment upon declared and derived preferences
* Deriving profiles from usage
* Discovering misuse and fraud
* Recommendation systems
* Student profiles in e-learning
* Alert systems
* Permission marketing

-Web content and structure mining:
* Wrapper generation and information extraction
* Web content and/or structure mining
* Semantic Web mining
* Web mining for business intelligence and for security

* Recommendation systems, such as travel assistants
* E-learning, such as collectors of personalized teaching materials
* Alert systems, such as personalized delivery of news and journals
* Fraud and misuse detection, such as credit-card fraud and network
  intrusion detection 
* Web log (and other types of log) analysis for security applications

Publication of the workshop proceedings:
The workshop notes will be published by ACM and distributed during the

The full version of the accepted papers will be published by
Springer-Verlag after a second round of reviews pending
approval. Springer has published the proceedings of WEBKDD 1999, 2001,
and 2002. 

Paper Submission:
For Paper Submissions, check

Papers should be up to 5000 words long (aprox. a maximum of 15 pages).
Only electronic submissions are accepted. Either PDF or PS format is
strongly encouraged. MS Word format is also acceptable. Submissions
should be done via the on-line submission system. See the workshop web

Program Committee:
Kamal Mahmood Ali (Yahoo Inc.) 
Sarabjot S. Anand (University of Ulster at Jordanstown, Northern Ireland) 
Jonathan Becher (Accrue/Neovista Software, USA) 
Bettina Berendt (HU Berlin, Germany) 
Tom Breur () 
Alex Büchner (IKEL, University of Ulster, UK) 
Ed Chi (Xerox PARC, USA) 
Robert Cooley (KXEN, USA) 
Wolfgang Gaul (University of Karlsruhe, Germany) 
Joydeep Ghosh (Univ. of Texas, USA) 
Marco Gori (Universita di Siena, Italy) 
Ravi Kumar (IBM Almaden Research Center, USA) 
Vipin Kumar (University of Minnesota, USA) 
Ee-Peng Lim (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) 
Sanjay Kumar Madria (University of Missouri-Rolla, USA) 
Yannis Manolopoulos (Aristotle University Thessaloniki, Greece) 
Bamshad Mobasher (De Paul University, USA) 
Ion Muslea (University of California at Irvine, USA) 
Jian Pei (SUNY at Buffalo, USA) 
Rajeev Rastogi (Bell Labs/Lucent, USA) 
Jing Shyr (SPSS, USA) 
Myra Spiliopoulou (Otto-von-Guericke-Universitaet Magdeburg, Germany) 
Ming Tan () 
Sholom Weiss (IBM T. J Watson Research Certer, USA) 
Terry Woodfield (SAS Institute Inc., USA) 
Philip Yu (IBM T. J Watson Research Certer, USA) 
Mohammed Zaki (Renselear Polytechnic Institute, USA) 

Important Dates
Abstracts due: Tuesday May 27th, 2003
Papers due:    Tuesday June 3rd, 2003 
Notification:  Friday June 27th, 2003
Camera Ready:  Thursday July 17th, 2003

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