ICPR-2004 Workshop "Pattern Representation and the Future of Pattern Recognition: A Program for Action"

Lev Goldfarb goldfarb at unb.ca
Thu Apr 15 10:13:32 EST 2004

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   ICPR-2004 Workshop "Pattern Representation and the Future of Pattern Recognition: 
                                        A Program for Action"

                                   Cambridge, UK, Aug 22, 2004



This workshop is the first devoted entirely to the subject of representational
formalisms, a topic which has not yet been addressed at a fundamental level.  It
appears that the development of (new) formalisms addressing the issue of non-numeric,
or structural, representation is, perhaps, the main problem facing today artificial
intelligence, and all sciences in general.

This monumental task--the development of representational formalisms--has not been
perceived as requiring the development of radically new formalisms that lie entirely
outside the scope of all present day formalisms.  (And the latter should not be
considered as representational ones).

Why now?  We now have a preliminary sketch of such a (candidate) formalism--the
evolving transformation system (see http://www.cs.unb.ca/~goldfarb/ets2).  Moreover,
some general "architectural" considerations for such formalisms are also emerging.  In
particular, it appears that their main (radically new) feature is the incorporation
of the "generative object history" as a part of "object" representation.        

If you are interested in the topic, we invite and encourage you to participate in this
workshop in any capacity you desire.  

For more information, see 

Main dates

Deadline for submission of papers (to the chair, by e-mail):   Sunday, May 16, 2004.
Reviews sent to authors:   Sunday, June 13, 2004.
Camera ready copy due:    Sunday, July 11, 2004.

Lev Goldfarb

Faculty of Computer Science
University of New Brunswick
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