binfoPlasma - the bioinformatics encyclopedia ...visit today!!!!

binfoMatix team binfoboom at
Sun Apr 17 07:43:50 EST 2005

Dear Bioinformatics Enthusiast,

It brings us immense pleasure to announce the release of binfoPlasma –
the Bioinformatics Encyclopedia. URL:

On binfoPlasma you can find:

 	1. Definitions to key terms in bioinformatics and related fields 
 	2. Links to related terms in the encyclopedia
 	3. Suggested Reading : Links to sources of more information on each
term (books, journals, research papers, web sites and other online
resources, etc)
BinfoPlasma is an online encyclopedia "by the bioinformatics
community, for the bioinformatics community".

As a binfoPlasman, you can:

 	1. Search binfoPlasma for terms
 	2. Browse through subject categories like Mathematics/Life
Sciences/Statistics etc for terms.
 	3. Add new term definitions to binfoPlasma's growing repository
 	4. Edit contents of existing terms
 	5. Share your views on specific topics with other binfoPlasmans
through discussions on the "talk pages/user pages".

Visit binfoPlasma at today!!!!!

Once again extending a warm invitation to join us on our journey to
bioinformatics excellence…..

~Team binfoPlasma

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