Places available on Bioinformatics Essentials training courses

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Thu Feb 10 05:31:05 EST 2005

Places available on Bioinformatics Essentials training courses


This three day course is designed primarily for newly registered RFCGR
users with little experience of using Bioinformatics software.  A wide
range of topics, presented by the Resource Centre's own staff and various
guest speakers, are covered.  

The course is currently taught using EMBOSS as the main software
package.  This is used behind the graphical user interface Jemboss, so
participants need no longer learn the UNIX commands that were once
necessary.  In order to compliment the analysis that can be achieved
with the programs used in the EMBOSS package, the course also focuses on
different web based applications freely available on the internet. 

Subjects covered during the three days include:

    * Internet Data Resources - publicly available databases, e.g. 
	EMBL, ENSEMBL, Swissprot,
    * Sequence alignment - pairwise and multiple
    * Nucleotide sequence analysis - restriction mapping and primer
    * Protein sequence analysis - motifs, domains, patterns, profiles 
    * 3D Protein structure - using RasMol to view determined structures

There will be time during the course to work on your own data, and
utilise the help of our demonstrators for your analysis.  If your
sequences are in the publicly available databases, then you need only
bring their accession numbers.  Alternatively, you may bring your data
on disk or CD, or upload it into your RFCGR area. 

		Venue					Date

Cambridge, Cambridge University			17-19 January 2005
Bristol, University of Bristol			21-23 March 2005
London, King's College London			30 March-01 April 2005
Nottingham, University of Nottingham		04-06 April 2005
Cambridge, Cambridge University			13-15 June 2005
Cost (inc. VAT):
        265 UK Pounds


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