Places available on Microarray Essentials training course

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Thu Feb 10 05:31:13 EST 2005

Places available on Microarray Essentials training course


The RFCGR has been running an Affymetrix GeneChip system, as well being
a major supplier of spotted arrays for the UK community since 2001. 
During this period we have been involved in a range of collaborative and
in house studies and we now wish to share this experience with
microarrays and data analysis in our Microarray Course. 

Over five days, lectures and computer practicals will cover the areas of:

    * Array design
    * Experimental design
    * Image analysis
    * Normalisation
    * Filtering
    * Clustering
    * Classification
    * Annotation

The course will give an introduction to analysis using spreadsheets,
Agilent GeneSpring and R/Bioconductor and to some of the statistical
methods and techniques that should be considered. 

This course will be biased towards the study of mammalian systems and is
intended for those who have run or who intend to run a microarray
experiment and who wish to know more about the practical side of
ensuring that the data has the best possible quality and how to analyse
the data. 

If you are already au fait with data analysis, and you have worked with
a number of data sets, then you may find this course too elementary for
your requirements. 


	Gary William (MRC)
	David Kreil (EBI)
	Steve Russell (Cambridge)
	Thorsten Forster (Edinburgh)
	Tom Freeman (MRC)
	Jane Lomax (EBI)
	Mikaela Gabrielli (Silicon Genetics)
	Wally Gilks (MRC)
	Paul Lyons (MRC)
	Alex Watkins (Affymetrix)


	Genetics Department, Cambridge University, UK

        28 Feb-04 March 2005
Cost (inc. VAT):
        588 UK Pounds

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