[Bio-matrix] Re: Typical Price of Genomics Analysis Software

MajorSetback at excite.com MajorSetback at excite.com
Sat Nov 12 12:54:28 EST 2005

Hi Tim:

Many thanks for the reply.  I am thinking of starting a business and
develop genomics analysis software and was wondering about its
marketablity.  Obviously it would not be cost effective if I had to
compete with free but there must be some reason that scientists pay top
dollar for analysis software.  It could be, like you say, the cost of
in-house bioinformaticians and UNIX sysadmins.

I was interested in trying to find out what potential competitors might
charge.  I did not have much luck getting the cost of GeneSpring from
the Silicon Genomics website.  Maybe there is something obvious I am
overlooking or maybe they do not advertise a price but negotiate a
price with the client.


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