[Bio-matrix] Re: Typical Price of Genomics Analysis Software

Bastien Chevreux bach at chevreux.org
Mon Nov 14 03:04:06 EST 2005

MajorSetback at excite.com wrote:
> [...]
> I was interested in trying to find out what potential competitors might
> charge.  I did not have much luck getting the cost of GeneSpring from
> the Silicon Genomics website.  Maybe there is something obvious I am
> overlooking or maybe they do not advertise a price but negotiate a
> price with the client.

Which is exactly the case for about any commercial bioinformatics suite I
know of. To tell the truth: pricing is one of the best guarded secrets and
is often "protected" by an NDA. The price is dependent whether you are
academic or industry and which industry and whether your company makes big
profits and, and, and ... and well, of course, how well the buyer


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