[Bio-matrix] ICHIT 2006 * of Biology interest

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Tue Jun 6 17:59:47 EST 2006

1st International Conference on Hybrid Information Technology

This conference takes place in Cheju Island during 9-11 November 2006
at the spectacular convention centre of this island.

Its aims are to foster interdisciplinary computational science to
achieve innovation for the solution of real world problems or for
establishing hybrid scientific methods.

There is an associated and co-located workshop called "Smart Home" that
addresses the pervasive and ubiquitous computing themes so prevalent

Proceedings are with the IEEE.  Also features post proceedings with
Springer Verlag.  Apparently, up to seven journals have agreed to
publish special issues based on extended papers from the topics at the
conference by authors of proceedings.

The first deadline for papers (IEEE proceedings) is July 1st 2006.  The
conference also features world class keynote speakers in five different
areas of hybrid science and technology: MOLECULAR BIOLOGY,
grid computing, space exploration, rough set theory and other AI
computational intelligence approaches.

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