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Tue Apr 28 15:45:02 EST 1992

Dear Friends,

              The Second International Conference on
             Bioinformatics, Supercomputing & Complex
                         Genome Analysis

                         June 4--7, 1992
                      The TradeWinds Hotel
                      St. Petersburg Beach

Keynote Speech:  45 minutes
Regular Talk:    Approx. 25 minutes
Half an hour coffee break during each session
Each Session Chair will present a 5-minute introduction

Reception:     June 3, 1992 Evening
Photo session: June 5, 1992
Banquet:       June 5, 1992 Evening

June 4, 1992, (Thursday)

Morning Session: 8:30am--12:30pm

8:15--9:00 Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Robert Robbins (Director,  Welch Laboratory, MD, USA)
"Genome Informatics: Requirements and Challenges"

______________________ _____________________
9:00--9:30     Toni Kazic (Mathematics & Computer Science, Argonne National
                           Laboratory, USA)
               "Reasoning about Biochemical Compounds and Processes"

9:30--10:00    Ezat Karimi (CHPC, University of Texas, USA)
               "GenEng: A Dialogue Based Natural Language Interface to

10:00--10:30   Pavel Pevzner (Math, USC, USA)
               "DNA Linguistics, Overlapping Words Paradoxes and Best Bet for

10:30-11:00    COFFEE BREAK

11:00--11:30   David Searls (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine,                                USA)
               "The Structural Linguistics of DNA"

11:30--12:00   Ed Trifonov (Weizmann Institute, ISRAEL)
               "DNA  as  a  Language"

12:00--12:30   A. Konopka (NCI/DCBDC, NIH, USA)
               "Aspects of Biomolecular Cryptology"
12:30--1:45    LUNCH

Afternoon Session: 2:00pm--6:00pm

1:45--2:30 Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Charles Cantor (Principal Scientist, DOE Genome Program & LBL, 
                    Berkeley, USA)
"New Approaches for More Rapid Genome Analysis"

MAPPING AND SEQUENCING I (Chair: Patrick Gillevet)
________________________ _________________________
2:30--3:00     Eric Green (Washington University, USA)
               "Strategies for Constructing Long-range Physical Maps of Human
                Chromosomes Using Yeast Artificial Chromosomes (YACS)"

3:00--3:30     Mark Adams (NINDS, NIH, USA)
               "Analysis of Expressed Sequence Tags from Human Brain"

3:30--4:00 Ben Koop (Caltech, USA)
               "Comparison of the Human and Mouse Cdelta/Calpha Region (95kb) 
                in T-Cell Receptor alpha Locus" 

4:00--4:30     COFFEE BREAK

4:30--5:00     R. Drmanac (ANL, USA)
               "SBH and Complex Genome Sequencing: Integration of the Global
                and Targeted Approaches"

5:00--5:30     V. Vincek (School of Medicine, University of Miami, USA)
               "From Genetic toward Physical Map of Mouse Chromosome 17"

5:30--6:00     Bruno Lacroix (G\'en\'ethon, Paris, FRANCE)
               "Physical Mapping of the Human Genome: Computational Aspects"

June 5, 1992 (Friday)

Morning Session: 8:30am--12:30pm

GENOME MAP (Chair: James Fickett)
__________ ______________________
8:30--9:00     Christian Burks (Group Leader, T-10, LANL, USA)
               "Exploring Integration of Human Chromosome 16 Maps"

9:00--9:30     Janan Eppig (P.I., Jackson Laboratory, USA)
               "Genome Data Integration and Display: The Encyclopadia of the
                Mouse Genome"

9:30--10:00    Michael Cinkosky (T-10, LANL, USA)
               "Building Integrated Genome Maps with SIGMA"

10:00--10:30   COFFEE BREAK

10:30--11:00   Stan Letovsky (Letovsky Associate, New Haven, USA)
               "CPROP: A Rule-Based Program for Constructing Genetic Maps"

11:00--11:30   David Sankoff (Math Research Center, Univ. of Montreal, CANADA) 
               "Evolutionary Inference Based on Genome Rearrangements" 

12:00--1:45    LUNCH

Afternoon Session: 2:00pm--6:00pm

_________________________ ___________________
2:00--2:30     F. Fairfield (T-10, LANL, USA)
               "Simulation of Physical Mapping of DNA"

2:30--3:00     R. Crkvenjakov (Biology, ANL, USA)
               "Sequencing by Hybridization (SBH) is a Working Methodology:
                340bp of Unknown DNA Determined without Error in a Blind Test"

3:00-3:30      Patrick Gillevet (Director, Harvard Genome Lab., USA)
               "Multiplex Genomic Walking: Integration of the Wet Lab and 
                Computer Lab into a Single Prototyping Environment"

3:30--4:00     Richard Gibbs (Genetics, Baylor, USA)
               "Sequencing and Re-sequencing Human DNA"

4:00--4:30     COFFEE BREAK

4:30--5:00     R. L. Charlebois (Dept. of Bio., Univ. Ottawa, CANADA) 
               "Physical Mapping of Genomes Using the Landmark Strategy"

5:00--5:30     G. M. Church (Harvard Medical School, USA)
               "Automated Multiplex Sequencing and Large Scale Computational

5:30--6:00     Mark J. Borodovsky (School of Biology, Georgia Institute
               of Technology Atlanta, USA)
               "Prediction of Gene Locations Using DNA Markov Chain Models"

June 6, 1992 (Saturday)

Morning Session: 8:30am--12:30pm

DATABASES (Chair: Michael Waterman)
_________ _________________________
8:30--9:00}    Toshihisa Takagi (Human Genome Center, University of Tokyo, JAPAN)
               "ODS: Overlapping Oligonucleotide Database with Deductive Engine 
                for Signal Sequence Search"

9:00--9:30     Yuri Lysov (Head, Moscow-HUGO Bioinformatics Center, Russian Acad. 
               Sc., RUSSIA)
               "Theoretical Aspects of Sequencing by Hybridization"

9:30--10:00     Chris Fields (NINDS, NIH, USA) 
               "Management and Distribution of EST Sequence and Mapping Data"

10:00--10:30   James Fickett (Bioinformation, LANL, USA)
               "Genome Mapping:  The Data Management Issues"

10:30--11:00   COFFEE BREAK

11:00--11:30   Raymond Ochs (Mt. Sinai Medical Center, USA)
               "A Graphical Environment for a Computerized Metabolic Map"

11:30--12:00   George Michaels (Div. Comput. Res. & Tech, NIH, USA)
               "Comparative Analysis of Chromosomes"

12:00--12:30   Stanley Su (University of Florida, USA)
               "An Object-oriented Knowledge Base Management Technology
                for Supporting Scientific Research and Applications"

12:30--1:45    LUNCH               

Afternoon Session: 2:00pm--6:00pm

__________________________ ________________________
2:00--2:30     Michael Liebman (Bioinformation, Amoco Technology Co., USA)
               "Application of Neural Networks to the Analysis of Structure and 
                Function in Biologically Active Macromolecules"

2:30--3:00     Cathy Wu (University of Texas Health Center/Tyler, USA)
               "Protein Classification Artificial Neural System: A Filter
                Program for DataBase Search"

3:00--3:30     George Wilcox (University of Minnesota, USA)
               "Prediction of Protein Folds from Sequence using a Neural Network
                Trained with Sequence-Structure Associations"

3:30--4:00     Alan Lapedes (T-10, LANL, Los Alamos, USA) 
               "Protein Structure/Function: Neural Networks and Information 

4:00--4:30     COFFEE BREAK

4:30--5:00     David  Waltz (Thinking Machine Corp., USA)   
               "Application of Massively Parallel Methods to Protein Secondary
                Structure Prediction"

5:00--5:30     Jude Shavlik (Computer Science, University of Wisconson, USA)
               "Using Artificial Neural Networks to Refine Existing Biological 

5:30--6:00     Su-Shing Chen (Director, Knowledge Models and Cognitive

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