Tissue Culture Course

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                          presented by

                    The Biotechnology Program

          Manhattan College/College of Mt. St. Vincent
                      Bronx (Riverdale), NY

                        JUNE 8 - 11, 1992

     The  essential aspects and contemporary methods  of  growing
cells in culture will be presented.  Lectures will emphasize  the
cultured cell, monolayer and suspension culture systems, managing
cell culture contamination, cryogenic preservation, primary  cell
culturing, contemporary methods of cell identification, and  cell
nutrition. Hands-on procedures will include media preparation and
filtration,  the hemocytometer method of cell counting,  dilution
plating,  cryogenic preservation, culturing  anchorage  dependent
cells, primary cell culturing, and detecting mycoplasma  infected
cultures.  There will be an overview of some of the common  meth-
ods  used  to evaluate the status of  cell  cultures,  including:
electrophoresis,  toxicity assays, clonal analysis,  karyotyping,
immuno- and histochemical staining and growth curves.

                      GUEST FACULTY

                         John A. Ryan

                  University of Connecticut

Call for Registration (Lunch Mon. - Wed. included)

Deadline for seeking information: April 15, 1992
On  campus  accommodations are available, call Dr.  Cardillo  for
details.  Registration form may be sent to FAX NO. 212-549-0915

Course Director:
Frances  M.  Cardillo, Biotechnology Program,
Department of Biology, Manhattan College
Mount St. Vincent Campus, Bronx, New York  10471

For additional information:
PHONE: 212-405-3279                               FAX: 212-549-0915


             Continuing Education in Tissue Culture

Initiated  in 1983 and accredited by the National Tissue  Culture
Association,  this course is intended to introduce  professionals
to  the  techniques of tissue culture.  The  instructional  staff
consists of scientists with extensive experience in education and
researchers well known for their expertise.

The course is sponsored by the Biotechnology Program of Manhattan
College  and the College of Mt. St. Vincent.  It will take  place
at the tissue culture laboratories located on the College of  Mt.
St. Vincent campus which is situated on the bluffs of the  scenic
Hudson River in the northwest section of the Bronx, at 263rd  St.
and Riverdale Avenue.

The  campus  is easily accessible by public  transportation  from
midtown Manhattan and mini-bus service is available to the  three
metropolitan airports.  There are no motels or hotels located  in
the  Riverdale area.  One would need to travel to Westchester  or
midtown  Manhattan,  but adequate,  comfortable,  and  low-priced
accommodations  are  available on the Manhattan College  and  the
College  of Mount St. Vincent campuses.  We suggest that  out-of-
town  participants  take advantage of these facilities  to  avoid
city commuting.



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