Bioinformatics, Computing and Complex Genome Analysis Conference

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Fri Apr 3 18:23:36 EST 1992

Dear Researchers,
I am mailing two files below: 1) Information about the Conference;
2) the schedule and list of speakers at the Conference.  I hope to
see you at the Conference:
                        File One
                            AND COMPLEX GENOME ANALYSIS
                                  June 4-7, 1992
                The TradeWinds Hotel, St. Petersburg Beach, Florida

June 3, 1992 Evening

$290 before May 1, 1992
$360 after  May 1, 1992
$200 for students (letter from supervisor required)

(For Vendors, please contact Pat Meredith at Tel.: (904) 644-1010,  
                                             FAX.: (904) 644-0098
                                        or E-mail: genome at
Make check payable to "Florida State University/Bioinformatics Conf."
If paying by credit card, please add 2% credit card charge.
Mail registration to:

                Conference Registrar
                Center for Professional Development
                   & Public Service
                Florida State Conference Center, R-55
                Florida State University
                Tallahassee, FL 32306-2027
                Tel: (904) 644-3806

The registration covers coffee breaks, breakfasts, lunches, the reception 
and the banquet.

Speakers, poster presenters, industrial vendor exhibits, and conference 

Participants presenting talks or posters are expected to submit abstracts
by April 5, 1992.  A booklet of abstracts will be made available to all
participants at the conference.

Speakers and poster presenters are invited to prepare appropriate
manuscript for the conference proceedings.  The manuscript may be
submitted electronically or in hardcopy.  The deadline is August 15,
1992 (2 months after the conference).  Contributors will receive
complimentary copies of the proceedings and participants can buy the
proceedings at half price from the publisher.

St. Petersburg Beach is about 20 miles away from the Tampa
International Airport.  Participants are encouraged to fly into this
airport and then take a shuttle (appox. $11.00) to the TradeWinds
Hotel, which is located at 5500 Gulf Boulevard, St. Petersburg Beach,
FL 33706.  Conference sessions will be held in the hotel auditorium
itself so that participants do not have to rush and can afford a few
hours more sleep or afford short rest between sessions!

Tampa International Airport is rated as one of the world's most convenient 
airport and is located approximately 30 minutes from the hotel via I-275.  
St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Aiport, 25 minutes from the hotel, 
is also served by many airlines.  For Limo/shuttle service, call The Limo, 
Inc., (813) 572-1111.

A block of rooms has been reserved at the TradeWinds Hotel.  Participants are 
responsible for reserving the rooms for themselves by calling   Tel.: (813) 
367-6461, FAX.: (813) 360-3848.  When making reservations, be sure to mention 
you will be attending the conference on Bioinformatics sponsored by Florida 
State University so that you will get a reduced rate of approx. $75. (Ms. Randi
Blanton, Manager, Corporate & Association Sales, TradeWinds on St. Petersburg 

The TradeWinds Hotel spans 12 acres on the West Coast of Florida, directly
on the warm and tranquil Gulf of Mexico.  It is a six-story resort hotel with 
381 guest rooms and 25,000 total square feet of meeting and function space to 
accommodate groups of 10 to 800 people.

The location also offers groups many recreational opportunities and
outstanding meeting facilities, spacious guest accommodation and warm,
friendly professional service.  All of these elements combine to
create an environment where everyone seems to absorb information
quicker, respond more positively to new ideas and develop a renewed
sense of purpose.

Each meeting room has individual lighting and air conditioning/heating
as well as electrical outlets, telephone jacks and computer hook-ups.
A full range of audio-visual equipment is available, from podiums and
microphones to rear-screen projections and a responsive and
professional audio-visual staff is on hand to help plan meetings.

The TradeWinds Hotel is also close to area attractions: Busch Garden,
Adventure Island, Sea World, Universal Studios Florida, Cypress
Gardens, Walt Disney World Resort (Epcot Center, Magic Kingdom, MGM
Studios, Pleasure Island, Typhoon Lagoon), and others.  These
attractions, of course, are of secondary importance to the conference.
They do, however, provide excellent activities for family members, or
something for conference participants to explore after the conference.

                           File Two
               The Second International Conference on
              Bioinformatics, Supercomputing \& Complex 
                       Genome Analysis
                       June 4--7, 1992
                     The TradeWinds Hotel
                     St. Petersburg Beach
                        Florida, USA

Keynote Speech: 45 minutes
Regular Talk: Approx. 25 minutes
with a half an hour coffee break in each session
Photo session: June 5, 1992
Banquet: June 5, 1992 Evening
June 4, 1992, (Thursday)

Morning Session: 8:30am--12:30pm

Keynote Speaker: 
Dr. Robert Robbins (Director, Genome Data Base, Welsh Medical Library, 
                    MD, USA)

\item{1.} Toni Kazic (Math and Computer Sceince, Argonne National Laboratory)
\item{2.} Ezat Karimi (CHPC, University of Texas, USA)
\item{3.} Pavel Pevzner (Math, USC, USA) 
\item{4.} David Searls (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, USA)
\item{5.} Ed Trifonov (Weizmann Institute, Israel)
\item{6.} A. Konopka (NCI/DCBDC, NIH, USA)

Afternoon Session: 2:00pm--6:00pm

Keynote Speaker: 
Dr. Charles Cantor (Principal Scientist, DOE Genome Program \& LBL, 
                    Berkeley, USA)

MAPPING AND SEQUENCING I (Chair: Patrick Gillevert)
\item{1.} Eric Green (Washington University, USA)
\item{2.} Mark Adams (NINDS, NIH, USA)
\item{3.} Ben Koop (Caltech, USA)
\item{4.} R. Drmanac (ANL, USA)
\item{5.} V. Vincek (School of Medicine, University of Miami, USA)

June 5, 1992 (Friday)

Morning Session: 8:30am--12:30pm

GENOME MAP (Chair: James Fickett)
\item{1.} Christian Burks (Group Leader, T-10, LANL, USA)       
\item{2.} Jannan Eppig (P.I., Jackson Laboratory, USA)
\item{3.} Michael Cinkosky (T-10, LANL, USA)                               
\item{4.} Stan Letovsky (Software Eng. Inst.,
                         Carnegie Mellon Univ., USA)
\item{5.} David Sankoff (Math Research Center, Univ. of Montreal, CANADA)    

Afternoon Session: 2:00pm--6:00pm

\item{1.} E. Fairfield (T-10, LANL, USA)
\item{2.} R. Crkvenjakov (Biology, ANL, USA)
\item{3.} Patrick Gillevet (Director, Harvard Genome Lab., USA)
\item{4.} Richard Gibbs (Genetics, Baylor, USA)  
\item{5.} R. L. Charlebois (Dept. of Bio., Univ. Ottawa, CANADA) 
\item{6.} G. M. Church (Harvard Medical School, USA)

June 6, 1992 (Saturday)

Morning Session: 8:30am--12:30pm

DATABASES (Chair: Michael Waterman)
\item{1.} Toshihisa Takagi (Human Genome Center, University of Tokyo, JAPAN)
\item{2.} Yuri Lysov (Head, Moscow-HUGO Bioinformatics Center, Russian Acad. 
                Sc., RUSSIA)
\item{3.} Chris Fields (NINDS, NIH, USA) 
\item{4.} James Fickett (Bioinformation, LANL, USA)
\item{5.} Raymond Ochs (Mt. Sinai Medical Center, USA)
\item{6.} George Michaels (Div. Comput. Res. \& Tech, NIH, USA)
\item{7.} Stanley Su (University of Florida, USA)

Afternoon Session: 2:00pm--6:00pm

\item{1.} Michael Liebman (Bioinformation, Amoco Technology Co., USA)
\item{2.} Cathy Wu (University of Texas Health Center/Tyler, USA)
\item{3.} George Wilcox (University of Minnesota, USA)
\item{4.} Alan Lapedes (T-10, LANL, USA)  
\item{5.} David  Waltz (Thinking Machine Corp., USA)   
\item{6.} Jude Shavlik (Computer Science, University of Wisconson, USA)
\item{7.} Su-Shing Chen (Director, Knowledge Models and Cognitive
          Systems Program, NSF, USA)

June 7, 1992, (Sunday)

\item{1.} Victor Solovyev (ICG, Russian Acad. Sc., Russia/SCRI, USA)
\item{2.} Ilya Shindyalov (ICG, Russian Acad. Sc., Russia/SCRI, USA)
\item{3.} Chris Fields (NINDS, NIH, USA)
\item{4.} Dave Anderson (CRAY Research, Inc., USA)
\item{5.} Nikolay Kolchanov (Russian Human Genome Council and ICG, 
                             Russian Acad. Sc., Russia/SCRI, USA).
\item{6.} Edward Uberbacher/Richard Mural (Biology, ORNL, USA) 
\item{7.} Michael Waterman (Math \& Comput. Sc., Univ. Southern California, 

Manuscripts due August 15, 1992, two months after the conference.  
The onference proceedings will be edited by Hwa Lim, James Fickett, 
Charles Cantor & Robert Robbins

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