Fifth International Conference on Genetic Algorithms

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Fri Jul 17 11:39:30 EST 1992

		    Fifth International Conference
			on Genetic Algorithms
			   17-22 July, 1993
		      University of Illinois at

The Fifth International Conference on Genetic Algorithms (ICGA-93),
will be held July 17-22, 1993 at the University of Illinois at 
Urbana-Champaign.  This meeting brings together an international
community of researchers and practitioners from academia and 
industry interested in algorithms suggested by the processes of 
natural evolution. Topics of interest will include the design, analysis, 
and application of genetic algorithms in optimization and machine learning.  
Machine learning architectures of interest include classifier systems and 
connectionist schemes that use genetic algorithms.
Papers discussing how genetic algorithms are related to evolving system
modeling (e.g., modeling of nervous system evolution, computational ethology, 
artificial life, economics, etc.) are also encouraged.

A formal call for papers for ICGA-93 will be released in the coming weeks.
In the meanwhile, for further information contact one of the conference
Dave Schaffer ((914) 945-6168, ds1 at or 
Dave Goldberg ((217) 333-0897, GOLDBERG at or
the publicity chair,
Rob Smith ((205) 348-1618, resmith at

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