MBL Optical Microscopy and Imaging course

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Sat Jul 11 12:41:48 EST 1992

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23-30, l992.  For 22 research scientists, physicians, postdoctoral
trainees, and advanced graduate students in biological and material
sciences.  This one-week course covers the fundamental theory and
practical use of modern light microscopy.  Special attention will be
given to different optical techniques and the newest video and
photographic methods.  A combination of lectures, laboratory exercises,
demonstrations, and discussions will enable the participant to obtain
and interpret microscope images of high quality, to perform quantitative
optical measurements, and to produce photographic and video records for
documentation and analysis of the optical images.  Directors: Nina
Allen, Wake Forest Univ. & Colin Izzard, SUNY, Albany.  Guest Lecturer:
Shinya Inoue, MBL.  Tuition: $l690, includes room and board.
Application deadline: August 7, l992.  For applications, contact: Dori
Chrysler, Admissions Coordinator, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods
Hole, MA 02543, USA, (508-548-3705) ext. 216.

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