BIOSCI: Address Reversal

Alan Bleasby ajb at
Sat Jun 13 19:36:10 EST 1992

A current corollary of the transfer of lists from IRLEARN to Daresbury is
an occasional reversal of the senders address. This problem is not caused
by Daresbury, the `fault' lies with some gateways into the UK.

As an example, assume patrick at sends an email message to
bioforum at daresbury; there is the possibility that this address may be
received as patrick at de.y.x and propagated into NEWS.

If you reply to a reversed address you may be emailed back with an error

As a general rule the domain (e.g. de, edu, ie, uk) should come last. The
JANET network in the UK works the other way around; when emailing a UK
address non-UK sites should still put the domain last BUT UK subscribers
should put the domain (uk) first.

I hope the above is marginally clearer than mud.

We are actively pursuing a cure for this problem but this involves coding
software for domain name server lookup. We estimate this will take one

Alan Bleasby
SERC Daresbury Laboratory
Warrington WA4 4AD

Email: AJB at DLVH.DARESBURY.AC.UK  <from outside the UK ;->

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