GDB newsgroup is ready for operation

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Fri Jun 12 14:58:06 EST 1992

The former GENOMIC-ORGANIZATION newsgroup has been taken over by the
Genome Data Base (GDB) at Johns Hopkins.  The group is now called GDB (mail)
and bionet.molbio.gdb on USENET.  The former gene-org addresses have
been forwarded to the new gdb addresses (see below).  A welcoming
message from the GDB staff will be posted to the newsgroup shortly.

USENET users can simply read and post to bionet.molbio.gdb.  The
USENET newsgroup bionet.molbio.gene-org still exists at the moment but
will be "terminated without prejudice" sometime next week.

People who previously had e-mail subscriptions to GENOMIC-ORGANIZATION
have been subscribed to GDB.  New e-mail subscriptions (or
cancellations) may be obtained by sending a request either to

biosci at

or to

biosci at

The genbank address handles the Americas and Pacific Rim countries,
while the daresbury address handles Europe, Africa and Central Asia.

E-mail users can *post* messages by mailing to either

gdb at


gdb at

depending upon their location as indicated above.  Please DO NOT use
the gdb addresses to request e-mail subscriptions as you will
merely annoy everyone on the mailing list!!

I have been trying to find a "saviour" for GENOMIC-ORGANIZATION off
and on for two to three years now so this group definitely has my best
wishes for success!


				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank Manager

				kristoff at

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