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Mon Jun 8 16:06:12 EST 1992

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I feel this proposed group charter is a subset of the Vision List
charter which encompasses computer vision and image processing:

"The list is intended to embrace discussion on a wide range of vision
topics, including physiological theory, computer vision, machine
vision and image processing algorithms, vision techniques to support
robot navigation and spatial representation, artificial intelligence
and neural network techniques applied to vision, industrial
applications, robotic eyes, implemented systems, ideas, profound
thoughts; anything related to vision and its automation is fair game. "

The Vision List Archives provide imagery and shareware for image
processing in addition to computer vision. It is very difficult to
separate vision from image processing and calibration topics since they
are all interrelated. There has not been excessive traffic or noise
on the Vision List that usually justifies carving out of subtopics into
new Lists.

The Vision List has been around over 10 years, and its large and 
international readership is indicative of its usefulness to a wide

The original poster did not seem aware of (the Vision List).
I would like to know why they do not believe that the Vision List is
serving their prospective readership. 

As in the past, if requested I will post the call for votes (as I
posted the call for interest). I do not wish to censor, though I do
not wish to confuse an otherwise pleased readership by claims of
newsgroup coverage within the scope of the Vision List.


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