Tue Mar 31 11:51:00 EST 1992

>I run a Biocomputing INterest Group here at the National
>University of Singapore, ......I would like to find out if there
>are any databases accessible to the network (BITNET or INTERNET)
>offered by MIRCEN,
     bchtantw at (Dr Tan Tin Wee)

The Unesco Microbial Resources Center (MIRCEN) at Stockholm does
not offer any databases. MIRCEN-Stockholm manages BNFNET -
Biological Nitrogen Fixation Electronic Network which has about
85 members (Feb. 1992) from 23 countries. They can be reached via
its mailing list BNFNET-L. To join BNFNET-L, send the listserv
     SUBSCRIBE BNFNET-L <your name>
to LISTSERV at FINHUTC          (Bitnet)
or LISTSERV at FINHUTC.HUT.FI   (Internet)
BNFNET-L provides a forum for the exchange of information,
experiences and scientific results on BNF. It has 6 discussion
groups for e.g. Legume-Rhizobium, Nitrogen Fixing Trees;
Genetics/Biochemistry; Free-living nitrogen Fixers; Culture
Collections; and Computer Networking. BNFNET-L also serves as an
electronic newsletter and provides information on forthcoming
conferences, recent publications and research profiles of
organizations, etc.

Databases on e.g. microbial culture collections (WDC) are taken
cared of by the MIRCEN at Saitama (contact: Hideaki Sugawara;
r35118 at For Rhizobium bibliography, you might
wish to contact the MIRCEN at Hawaii (Padma Somasegaran;
niftal at uhunix).

From:E.L.Foo, UNESCO Microbial Resources Center, Stockholm, Sweden

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