HICSS Minitrack on Alternative Approaches to Sequence Representation

Thu Mar 26 19:32:43 EST 1992

		     Call for Papers and Referees
	 "Alternative Approaches to Sequence Representation"
	   A minitrack of the Biotechnology Computing Track
       Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences - 26
		 Kauai, Hawaii  -  January 5-8, 1993

Recent developments in molecular biology and the impetus of the genome
projects have led to an explosion in the number of determined
nucleotide and protein sequences.  Understanding and interpreting the
vast amounts of these data is a central goal of biotechnology
computing.  This minitrack will focus on alternative approaches to
nucleotide and amino acid sequence representation.  The traditional
representation of genetic and protein sequences as long strings of
letters is clearly useful, but may not always illuminate the
regularities and other features of these sequences to people or
for automated analysis.   The purpose of this minitrack is to bring
together a variety of researchers proposing alternative
representations to explore the commonalities and differences between

Papers are invited that describe improvements in the power, quality,
effectiveness or ease of use of different sequences representation
methods and using ones for recognition particular functional regions
in a new sequences.  Areas of special interest include advances in:

   * Alternative graphic representations nucleotide and protein

   * Automatic generation of sequence patterns from sets of related
     sequences and their representation

   * Analysis structural and functional organization regularities of

   * Application some representation for recognition functional sites,
     regions or partucular sequenses

   Instructions for authors :

   Manuscripts should be 22-26 typewritten, double-spaced pages in 10 or
   12 point type; do not send submissions significantly longer or
   shorter.  Papers must not have been previously presented or published,
   nor currently submitted for journal publication.  Each manuscript will
   be refereed by at least five reviewers.  Manuscripts should include a
   title page that identifies the title of the paper, the full name(s) of
   the author(s), affiliation(s), complete mailing and electronic
   address(es), telephone number(s) and a 300 word abstract of the paper.

   Members of the community willing to serve as referees should send
   their name, electronic and physical address, phone number, and areas
   of interest to the program chair.  Authors of submissions to this
   minitrack may not serve as referees.


   * A 300 word abstract is due by May 15, 1992
   * Feedback to the author concerning the abstract  by Mai 30, 1992
   * Six copies of the manuscript are due by June 5, 1992
   * Notification of accepted papers by August 31, 1992
   * Accepted manuscripts, camera ready, are due by October 1, 1992

   Send submissions and questions to:

Victor Solovyev 
Supercomputer Computations Research Institute
400 Science Center Library, Florida State University, B-186
Tallahassee, FL 32306-4052
phone (904)644-7012, fax: (904)644-0098
solovyev at scri1.scri.fsu.edu

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