Yeast chromosome 3 sequence

Dennis Benson dab at
Tue Mar 17 17:10:51 EST 1992

   On March 14, 1992 the complete 315357-nucleotide sequence of yeast
   chromosome III produced by the European Yeast Genome Project, was posted
   by Dr. Hans Werner Mewes of the Max Planck Institute, Martinsried on the
   host '' (  Because of difficulties many sites
   have encountered in establishing connections to this host, Dr. Mewes has
   kindly made available a copy of the file for anonymous FTP from NCBI.
   The address is: (Internet address:
		 Name:  anonymous
		 Password: (send your E-mail address)

		 cd repository/yeast

		 The filename is yeast_chr3.fasta

  Note that this file is raw sequence data in Fasta format; it is being 
  provided only until the fully annotated nucleotide sequence is available
  from GenBank and EMBL and the annotated ORFs from PIR and SWISS-PROT.  At
  that time, users will be directed to the servers for the sequence databases
  to obtain the annotated versions.

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