A short (and final!) note.

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at genbank.bio.net
Thu Mar 5 19:17:48 EST 1992

I had a few people contact me today about missing the discussion about
the newsgroup policy prior to the call for votes that I issued
yesterday on BIONEWS/bionet.announce.

I just want to remind you all once again that BIONEWS/bionet.announce
is now a moderated forum for announcements only.  In the future you
will be alerted in this forum to pending discussions about new
newsgroups or other issues of importance to BIOSCI, but the discussion
will NOT be held in this forum.  If you want to particpate in these
kinds of issues, please read the bionet.general newsgroup on USENET or
request an e-mail subscription to BIOFORUM if you don't get USENET
news.  Mail your e-mail subscription request to one of the following

Address                               Location        Network
-------                               --------        -------
biosci at irlearn.ucd.ie                 Ireland         EARN/BITNET
biosci at uk.ac.daresbury                U.K.            JANET
biosci at genbank.bio.net                U.S.A.          Internet/BITNET

BIONEWS/bionet.announce (from last month on) will be a low volume
forum for announcement of meetings, classes, or other items of
widespread interest to biologists.  In addition, for each new
newsgroup proposal there will be posted here a single call for
discussion on BIOFORUM/bionet.general and later a single CALL FOR
VOTES.  Everything else will transpire on BIOFORUM/bionet.general so
that those readers who do not want to receive large volumes of
news/mail will not be bothered.  The monthly posting of the BIOSCI
instruction sheet (and soon a FAQ sheet) will also occur here on

In order to comply with the new low volume philosophy here, this is my
last posting on this subject 8-).

NOTE: I will be out of the office at a meeting Sunday through
Wednesday of next week, and Will Nelson on the GenBank staff here will
moderate the newsgroup during my absence and also handle mail sent to
biosci at genbank.bio.net.  PLEASE DO NOT send BIOSCI or GenBank mail to
my personal address (kristoff) because it will not be acted upon
during my absence.


				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank Manager

				kristoff at genbank.bio.net

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