PIR now available thru Internet Gopher

Dan Davison Davison at UH.EDU
Mon Mar 16 01:19:42 EST 1992

Protein Information Resource (PIR) Release 31 data is now available 
as an Internet Gopher server.  This service is provided by the
NSF-funded University of Houston Gene-Server. The data is made
available courtesy of the National Biomedical Research Foundation and
Bill Pearson, with essential help from Don Gilbert (I couldn't have
put this together without it!).  

The setup is very experimental and will most definitely change!

If you haven't tried gopher yet, you are missing something really
special. This, plus WAIS and World-Wide-Web, are the future of
distributed biological information access. The Biomatrix is on its

Through the very kind and *patient* assistance of Don Gilbert,
searching facilities are available for accession number, author name,
entry name, title, keywords, source, reference,  and superfamily. (If
you can think of anything else to index, please let me know.) 

Gophering Details:

To use the UH PIR Gopher hole, from the Unix client use the command
        % gopher ftp.bchs.uh.edu
from the Mac gopher client software, use the "Settings" entry on the
"Start Gopher" pulldown menu and change the name to "ftp.bchs.uh.edu"
(if you haven't changed it, your software should have the name
"gopher.micro.umn.edu").  The port is still "70". (If you have the
xgopher client, let me know how to run it: it won't compile on my Sun
under OpenWindows).

If you have a gopher server, a tunnel can be made with the following
.link file:
         Name=UH PIR Archive
There are also gopher clients available for DOS and (soon, if not
already) VMS.  Check Don Gilbert's FTP archive at ftp.bio.indiana.edu
or the home of the (golden) Gopher, boombox.micro.umn.edu.

There are links ("gopher tunnels") to other Bio Gopher servers, as
well as the home gopher hole, gopher.micro.umn.edu.

Again, many thanks to Don Gilbert for his assistance in getting the UH
PIR gopher running. (Genbank(tm) and a lot of biological software are
available via Don's gopher hole at ftp.bio.indiana.edu; prosite, EMBL
data, and lots more is available from Reinhard Dolenz' gopher server
at bioftp.unibas.ch).

dan "the terminally bewildered" davison

ps thanks to Rob Harper for his pointers to WAIS, Gopher and WWW, too!
dr. dan davison/dept. of biochemical and biophysical sciences/univ. of
Houston/4800 Calhoun/Houston,TX 77204-5934/davison at uh.edu/DAVISON at UHOU
Disclaimer: As always, I speak only for myself, and, usually, only to

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