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Fri Mar 6 18:20:53 EST 1992

I was hoping to get a revised proposal from Tony Travis by this
afternoon, but since my departure for a meeting is imminent, I have
gone ahead and put this togther from past postings to get the
discussion period going.  There will be ten days for feedback on ****
BIOFORUM/bionet.general, not here **** before the call for votes.  The
call for votes will be on the 16th if the proposal is not modified
further.  Tony is in charge of revising the proposal in response to
readers comments prior to the vote, and I also request that he send me
a list of any groups outside of BIOSCI/bionet and where
requests will be sent to have potential readers join the
BIOFORUM/bionet.general discussion.

I have added a Reply-To: bioforum at line to the header
of this message to redirect responses to the newsgroup.  Please don't
send me any private replies to this message or else they may be
broadcast publicly 8-)!!!


				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank Manager

				kristoff at


		   Proposed bionet.plants newsgroup

Discussion leader: Tony Travis <ajt at>
                   Dr. A.J.Travis, Rowett Research Institute,
                   Greenburn Road, Bucksburn, Aberdeen, AB2 9SB. UK.
                   tel 0224-712751, fax 0224-715349

Type:	  Unmoderated


(I expect that this will be substantially rewritten before the vote

This newsgroup will initially be open to all aspects of plant biology
(macro and molecular), and if future usage warrants, proposals will be
put forward to form subgroups under the USENET bionet.plant heirarchy,
e.g., bionet.plant.botany.  The discussion leader's interests are in
botany so some of the topics for the group will include the following:

Discussion of issues relating to botany in general, and distribution
of software concerned with the applications of computer techniques in
all aspects of plant biology including, microscopy and analysis of
plant material, image analysis of tissues and intact plants, data
logging and analysis of plant growth by computer.


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