bionet.molbio.genbank.updates restarting

shibumi at shibumi at
Mon Nov 2 16:15:52 EST 1992

bionet.molbio.genbank.updates have not been being sent for a while now, due
to transition problems at IG.  However, starting today, we will be sending
out updates to the newsgroups and attempting to bring sites back into sync
with the updates.  

We will not be sending out all of the updates in one batch, nor will be
be starting from the newest and going to the oldest.  We will start by 
sending two to four days worth of updates at a time until we come back 
into sync with the current feed.  The number of days sent in a batch 
will be chosen with an attempt not to overflow the newsspools at
client sites.

If you have any questions about this, please direct the inquires
to me directly, rather than to the newsgroup(s).

Thanks for your patience.

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