New TurboGopher software

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Wed Oct 7 21:25:18 EST 1992

I picked up a copy of TurboGopher for the Mac this afternoon and was
genuinely impressed.  The response of this network client/server
program was *crisp* except for a few sites with sub-par Internet
connections.  If you have a Mac which can reach the Internet, this
program is *definitely* worth looking getting.  Gopher has been
described in the newsgroups on many occasions.  In case you have
somehow missed these messages, I will point out that not only does
Gopher provide a user-friendly way to FTP software/data, it also can
be used for text searching in ways similar to WAIS and IRX (it can in
fact use WAIS indexes).  It also contains access to local address
directories for a number of universities.  There are a number of nice
"gopher holes" in existence for biologists, especially the one
established by Don Gilbert at IUBIO in Indiana.

TurboGopher is definitely worth getting by FTP from Minnesota.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				kristoff at

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