New BIOSCI Service - "proto-newsgroups" 8-)

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at
Thu Oct 15 20:21:55 EST 1992

I have always been torn between wanting to foster the growth of
electronic communications while not going overboard and creating
millions of newsgroups that nobody uses.  Now that GenBank is (almost)
off my shoulders (back, etc.), I am glad to announce a new service
from BIOSCI.

We will be happy to establish and administer a straight mailing list
*without* an associated USENET newsgroup for a six month trial period
for anyone that wants to try to form a new electronic community in the
biological sciences (I stress that the topics are limited to
professional communications though.).

The mailing lists will be maintained *initially* only at
instead of at both BIOSCI sites, and will not be added to the BIOSCI
information sheet listing.  It will be the responsibility of the
person who proposes the list to get it up and running within the six
month period.  They will have to handle promotion; our involvement at
BIOSCI at will be limited to creating the list, putting
out one announcement about it, and handling subscription requests.

After six months, the list will be put out for discussion and a vote
according to our usual procedures (unless the organizer throws in the
towel 8-).  If it passes it will becomne a full-fledged BIOSCI
newsgroup at both and and will also have a
parallel USENET newsgroup.  If it fails the mailing list will also be
shut down.

This seems like the best solution to help embryonic interest groups
get started if they have an enthusiastic organizer.  It minimizes our
technical investment, does not impinge on USENET, and provides time for
the budding "newsgroup" to either flourish or whither.

I should emphasize that this new service does not preclude people who
have an idea that has widespread appeal from following our current
newsgroup creation policy and going to a vote after a 10 day

If you have an idea that you would like to try, feel free to send it
to biosci at


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				kristoff at

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