Email->News feature at Daresbury. Apologies

A.J.Bleasby at A.J.Bleasby at
Wed Oct 28 15:51:00 EST 1992

A minor problem (some, including myself, would call it a blessing) has
been spotted with the BIOSCI Email->News injection system here.
Apologies to all who have been affected.

The feature has been that any email postings that did not include a subject
line never got injected.

This is currently being rectified by trapping such messages and manually
inserting them. A patch will shortly be installed which will automatically
trap such messages and send email back to the sender asking him/her to
add a subject line and repost.

Although we recognise this could have caused confusion amongst novice users
there is a salutory lesson namely, "do yourself a favour and always add a
subject line." If you don't you stand the chance of your message being
ignored by people receiving a high volume of electronic mail and who
therefore have to be selective in the messages they read. I have to admit
that I include myself in this category and, unless I recognise a username
or address, subjectless email only gets read once per month (perhaps :-)

Alan Bleasby
SEQNET/Biosci manager
SERC Daresbury Laboratory
Warrington WA4 4AD

Email: ajb at

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