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29. OCTOBER  1992

The Japanese Rice Genome Research Program (RGP) produced the first
issue of its Newsletter, titled RRice GenomeS last July, and
distributed it to ca. 1800 peopl e in 25 countries. We are now
preparing the second issue. We cordially invite You to submit
material for publication in RRice GenomeS.

We can include short articles or announcements (maximum 4
double-spaced pages + one table + one figure) relevant to the rice
genome research community in Japan and other countries. We welcome
papers on organization and research plans of var ious plant genome
mapping groups, advertisements of newsletters and other inform ation
sources (handbooks, electronic bulletin boards, databases),
announcements of forthcoming conferences, advertisements of funding
agencies, etc.

We would be especially happy to include material enhancing
international coopera tive research efforts for rice genome analysis
and for the isolation and utiliza tion of useful rice genes in plant
breeding and biotechnology.

Please submit Your material for consideration by electronic mail
(Internet addre ss: minobe at If that is not
possible, use fax for fast communi cation (fax number:

Submission deadlines:  
16. November 1992 (for second issue, vol. 1, n:o 2, 1992) 
31. March 1993 (for third issue, vol. 2, n:o 1, 1993)

Yours sincerely
                                                        Ilkka Havukkala
Dr. Ilkka Havukkala
Editorial Office of RRice GenomeS newsletter
Rice Genome Research Program (RGP)
National Institute of Agrobiological Resources
2-1-2, Kannondai, Tsukuba
Ibaraki 305, Japan
Fax: +81-298-38-7468
e-mail (Internet): minobe at

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