BIOSCI Newsgroups - Changes

David Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Tue Sep 1 03:00:02 EST 1992

		       *** IMPORTANT NOTICE ***

After September 29th, the end of the five year GenBank Contract to
IntelliGenetics, the BIOSCI node at GenBank/IntelliGenetics will be
changed from the computer to

Kenton Hoover and I will continue to run the BIOSCI node at
IntelliGenetics in the post-GenBank period.  Alan Bleasby, Steve
Marshall, Paul Griffiths and David Hines at SERC Daresbury Laboratory
will continue to serve their BIOSCI user community.

Messages sent to will be automatically received by, so this transition should occur transparently to our
users.  The October version of the info sheet will have all posting
and other BIOSCI addresses changed from xxxxxx at to
xxxxxx at

To repeat, the addresses will continue to function,
but people should begin adjusting their habits to utilize the new
hostname  "Old hands" will recognize from
BIONET days; the address has the virtue of being reachable from any
site in the world regardless of the ordering convention used for host

David Kristofferson
BIOSCI/bionet Manager

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