closing in 1.5 hrs. BIOSCI ->

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Tue Sep 29 17:36:14 EST 1992

We are closing down GOS and the machine at
approximately 5 PM this evening.  The various addresses at for the BIOSCI newsgroups and GenBank functions such
as Authorin will continue to function (they'll be handled by
forwarding through the new BIOSCI machine

My hope is that the transition will go smoothly and transparently, but
these are the kind of events that occasionally give rise to problems,
e.g., mailing loops, bounced mail, etc., so your patience is
appreciated.  Please contact either Kenton Hoover or myself if you
notice a problem.  The best addresses to use during the transition if
you need to report a problem are the following:

Kristofferson:  kristoff at
Hoover:         shibumi at


				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank Manager for 1 hr 25 min more

				kristoff at

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