CALL FOR DISCUSSION: CHROMOSOMES/bionet.genome.chromosomes

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Mon Apr 5 17:25:56 EST 1993

We have received the following proposal for a new newsgroup to replace
the inactive Chromosome 22 group and the autoseqs prototype newsgroup

Discussion will now be open through 15 April on
BIOFORUM/bionet.general (*not* on BIONEWS/bionet.announce).

Please do not post one-line messages saying only "I am in favor of
such a newsgroup".  We will collect votes later.  The discussion
period is an opportunity for anyone to bring up reservations about the
proposed charter and to propose modifications prior to the vote.  The
discussion leader may submit a revised proposal in light of the
discussion, and the new charter would be included in the call for votes
which will go out on 16 April.

Please be aware that only one vote is counted per e-mail address, so
it is necessary to have your own account in order to vote.  Multiple
votes from the same address are not accepted.  If you are interested
in the following newsgroup, but do not have an e-mail address of your
own, please obtain one from your computer center before the call for
votes is issued.

Proposal to establish CHROMOSOMES/bionet.genome.chromosomes

E-mail addresses: bio-chrom at
                  bio-chrom at

Discussion leaders:

Greg Lennon
Human Genome Center, L-452
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Livermore, CA 94550
greg at

Bruce A. Roe
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Oklahoma
620 Parrington Oval
Norman, Oklahoma 73019
broe at

CHROMOSOMES/bionet.genome.chromosomes charter:


	Greg Lennon and Bruce Roe propose to be discussion leaders
for a new news group that would replace the .chromosome22 news group
and the autoseqs at e-mail list.   

The topics open for discussion in this new, combined, news group include:

  1. Physical mapping of human, mouse and other mammalian chromosomes

  2. Large-scale sequencing of cDNAs and chromosomes

  3. Mapping of human, mouse and other mammalian cDNAs to chromosomes

  4. Selection of chromosome-specific cDNAs

  5. Generation of chromosome-specific clones and sequences
     (STSs, microsatellites, etc.)  

with an emphasis on theory, techniques and discoveries.  The overall
purpose of this new, combined news group is to bring research groups
with an interest in genomic-level research and automated methods for
studying mammalian genomes together to exchange ideas and protocols, 
probes and mapping information, and to discuss other issues relevant
to mapping and sequencing mammalian chromosomes, cDNAs and genes.

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