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Maureen Krause mkrause at
Wed Apr 7 13:19:06 EST 1993

Contrary to popular rumors, ONR IS sponsoring a course in Marine Molecular
Biology this summer, and there is still time to call for an application
and receive financial support!

Duke University Marine Laboratory will hold a course in advanced research
training in marine molecular biology and biotechnology
Time:  Lecture and Lab, May 17 - June 18
       (Independent Study June 21 - July 23)
Where: Duke University Marine Lab, Beaufort, NC  

The course is an intensive training program at the graduate level in
molecular biology laboratory techniques.  By using marine models and the
tools of molecular biology, trainees will obtain direct knowlege of
indigenous marine organisms and discover the unique properties that allow
them to be used as models in environmental and human health problems. 
Research methodology includes:  Week 1 - DNA isolation, southern
blotting, gene mapping, PCR and DNA sequencing; Week 2 - RNA isolation,
gene expression, cDNA cloning; Week 3 - cell culture, gene transfer
techniques, mutagenesis; Week 4 - basic bacteriology, characterization of
marine bacteria, PCR DNA amplification.  Week 5 - in situ hybridization
and micromanipulation.  Independent study session following the course
requires permission from the instructor and participation in the course.

DESIGNED FOR BEGINNERS:  We invite applications from graduates,
postgraduates, and qualified undergraduates.  No previous experience in
molecular biology is required or expected, but basic background in
genetics and biochemistry is assumed.  To insure a close, small-group
learning experience, class size will be limited to 10 in laboratory
sessions and 20 in lectures.  This course is aimed at provided skills for
persons interested in applying MOLECULAR TECHNIQUES to MARINE SYSTEMS.  

For additional information and applications, please contact (ASAP)
Dr. Rebecca Van Beneden and Dr. Patricia McClellan-Green, Course
Directors, at (919) 728-2111, ext. 271, 263.
E-mail inquiries to MKRAUSE at - sorry, no applications
accepted by E - mail, but send your name and MAILING address to receive
the appropriate materials.


Duke Fax is (919) 728-2514

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