Museum of Paleontology Invertebrate Database

Robert Guralnick robg at fossil.Berkeley.EDU
Sun Apr 18 22:35:10 EST 1993

	A general announcement to the Biological Community!

	The Museum of Paleontology at the University of California, Berkeley
is now making available through Gopher all the type specimens for 
invertebrates.  The catalog has been WAISindexed, meaning that you may
search on any word in the database.  To use the index or to look at the 
full catalog (which is a very large file and will take lots of time to
retrieve), point your gopher at "".  You may also get there
by going to the UMinn Mother of all Gophers and choosing North America, USA
then California then University of California - Berkeley, Museum of 
Paleontology. If you can display images through gopher, we also have a nice
exhibit of white sharks taken from hand held camera and converted to GIF images.
	The Museum Invertebrate Type Specimen catalog contains taxonomic,
locality and citation information.  Searches return hits in order of decreasing
utility, so the hits closest to your search are the first ones listed on gopher,
and the hits further from your search are listed last.  
	Any comments about the database or questions concerning 
Museum specimens can be either sent to my email address, or (if you 
want to get fancy) may be sent through the Museum Information Request
Form on the Museum Gopher.  You will need to be able to do "telnet"
through gopher to use the request form.  Thanks.

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