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Workshop: Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, June 23-25, 1993. 
For ten experienced scientists interested in state-of-the-art automated DNA
sequencing techniques.  The workshop will provide exposure to a core
facility utilizing fluorescent DNA sequencing instruments for large-scale
and diagnostic DNA sequencing.  Topics include PCR sequencing for mutation
detection and human immunodeficiency virus characterization, semi-automated
template preparation, robotic DNA sequencing (Beckman Biomeck and ABI
Catalyst systems), data management and analysis, and overall core lab
organization.  Directors: Dr. Richard A. Gibbs, and Donna M. Muzny, Baylor
College of Medicine.  Tuition: $750. (accommodations included). 
Application deadline: June 1, 1993.  For further information contact: Lori
Lawler-Lopez, Institute for Molecular Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine,
Houston, TX 77030.  Telephone: 713-798-5393, FAX: 713-798-5741 or email:
llawler at

Further details below:


June 23-25, 1993
Baylor College of Medicine
Institute for Molecular Genetics
Houston, Texas 77030

Workshop description:

The generation of high quality sequence data has become an essential tool
in molecular biology and diagnostics.  The objective of the workshop is to
provide exposure to the techniques, protocols and instrumentation currently
utilized in the field of automated fluorescent DNA sequencing.  The
workshop will focus upon the areas of high-throughput, large-scale DNA
sequencing and PCR based diagnostic sequencing.  Automated DNA sequencers
(ABI and Pharmacia) as well as robotic workstations for sequencing and PCR
automation (ABI, Beckman and Perkin Elmer Cetus) will be discussed,
demonstrated and utilized.

The following issues (lab techniques/protocols) will be covered in
discussion, demonstrations and hands-on laboratory work:

I    Template Preparation

	a.  Single strand template preparation by the glass fiber filter method.
	b.  Semi-automated PCR template preparation for large-scale sequencing.
	c.  PCR template preparation for mutation detection and HIV
characterization utilizing derivitized/biotinylated PCR primers for solid
phase sequencing.

II	  Sequencing

	a.  Automated cycle-sequencing performed on robotic workstations.
	b.  Closure strategies involved in large-scale sequencing projects and dye
terminator sequencing.
	c.  Solid phase sequencing for mutation detection and diagnostics.

III	 Examination of Sequence Data

	a.  Error and accuracy
	b.  Diagnostic sequencing for mutation and heterozygote detection.
	c.  Troubleshooting DNA sequencing (chemistry and instrumentation).

IV	  Sequence Assembly

	a.  Overview of available programs for transferring, editing and
assembling data for large-scale sequencing projects.

Workshop Directors:
Richard A. Gibbs, Ph.D. and Donna M. Muzny

For further information contact:
Lori Lawler-Lopez, Administrative Coordinator
Telephone:	713-798-5393
FAX:		713-798-5741
email:	llawler at

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