Alan J. Perlis Symposium

Linda Bourne bourne-linda at CS.YALE.EDU
Fri Apr 23 05:58:58 EST 1993


		      Alan J. Perlis Symposium

			 Sponsored by the
		     Department of Computer Science
			    Yale University

			    April 29, 1993

    9:45    Opening Remarks
		Drew McDermott

    10:00   Languages for Multi-levelled Computers
	    Used as Models, Tools, and Toys
		Peter Naur
		University of Copenhagen

    11:00   Concurrent Logic Programming:
	    Past, Present, and Future
		Ehud Shapiro
		Weizmann Institute of Science

     1:30   Object-Oriented Programming and C++
		Bjarne Stroustrup
		AT&T Bell Laboratories

     2:30   Total Functional Programming
		David Turner
		University of Kent

    4:00    Panel Discussion

    Following the panel discussion a public reception will be held
    at the Department of Computer Science, Arthur K. Watson Hall.

    All talks are free and open to the public.

    Yale School of Organization and Management
    135 Prospect Street
    Room B74
    Corner Sachem and Prospects Streets
    New Haven, Connecticut

    For information please call (203) 432-1246

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