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             Conference Announcement and Call For Papers

                      FROM ANIMALS TO ANIMATS

 Third International Conference on Simulation of Adaptive Behavior (SAB94)

                  Brighton, UK, August 8-12, 1994

        The object of the conference is to bring together researchers in
        ethology, psychology, ecology, cybernetics, artificial intelligence,
        robotics, and related fields so as to further our understanding of
        the behaviors and underlying mechanisms that allow animals and,
        potentially, robots to adapt and survive in uncertain environments.

        The conference will focus particularly on well-defined models,
        computer simulations, and built robots in order to help characterize
        and compare various organizational principles or architectures
        capable of inducing adaptive behavior in real or artificial animals.

        Contributions treating any of the following topics from the
        perspective of adaptive behavior will receive special emphasis.

   Individual and collective behavior   Autonomous robots
   Neural correlates of behavior        Hierarchical and parallel organizations
   Perception and motor control         Emergent structures and behaviors
   Motivation and emotion               Problem solving and planning
   Action selection and behavioral      Goal directed behavior
    sequences                           Neural networks and evolutionary
   Ontogeny, learning and evolution      computation
   Internal world models                Characterization of environments
    and cognitive processes             Applied adaptive behavior

       Authors should make every effort to suggest implications of their
       work for both natural and artificial animals.  Papers which do not
       deal explicitly with adaptive behavior will be rejected.

Submission Instructions

  Authors are requested to send five copies (hard copy only) of a full paper
  to the Program Chair (Dave Cliff). Papers should not exceed 10 pages
  (excluding the title page), with 1 inch margins all around, and no smaller
  than 10 pt (12 pitch) type (Times Roman preferred).
  Each paper must include a title page containing the following: (1) Full
  names, postal addresses, phone numbers, email addresses (if available),
  and fax numbers for each author, (2) A 100-200 word abstract, (3) The
  topic area(s) in which the paper could be reviewed (see list above).
  Camera ready versions of the papers, in two-column format,  will be
  required after acceptance.  Computer, video, and robotic demonstrations
  are also invited.  Please contact Phil Husbands to make arrangements for
  demonstrations.  Other program proposals will also be considered.

Conference committee

        Conference Chair

          Philip HUSBANDS
          School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences
          University of Sussex
          Brighton BN1 9QN
          e-mail: philh at

          Jean-Arcady MEYER
          Groupe de Bioinformatique
          URA686.Ecole Normale Superieure
          46 rue d'Ulm
          75230 Paris Cedex 05
          e-mail: meyer at

          Stewart WILSON
          The Rowland Institute for Science
          100 Cambridge Parkway
          Cambridge, MA  02142
          e-mail: wilson at

        Program Chair

          David CLIFF
          School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences
          University of Sussex
          Brighton BN1 9QN
          e-mail: davec at

        Financial Chair:   P. Husbands, H. Roitblat

        Local Arrangements: I. Harvey, P. Husbands

Program Committee

M. Arbib, USA; R.  Arkin, USA; R.  Beer, USA; A.  Berthoz, France; L.  Booker,
USA; R. Brooks, USA; P. Colgan, Canada; T. Collett, UK; H. Cruse, Germany;
J. Daugman, UK; J.  Delius, Germany; A. Dickinson,  UK; J. Ferber, France;
N. Franceschini, France; S. Goss,  Belgium; I. Harvey, UK;  I. Horswill, USA;
A. Houston, UK; L. Kaelbling, USA; H. Klopf, USA; L-J. Lin, USA; P. Maes, USA;
M. Mataric, USA; D. McFarland, UK; G. Miller, UK; R. Pfeifer, Switzerland;  H.
Roitblat, USA; J. Slotine,  USA; O. Sporns, USA;  J. Staddon, USA; F.  Toates,
UK; P. Todd, USA; S. Tsuji, Japan; W. Uttal, USA; D. Waltz, USA.

Official Language: English
Publisher: MIT Press/Bradford Books

Important Dates
         JAN 5, 1994:    Submission deadline
         MAR 10:         Notification of acceptance or rejection
         APR 10:         Camera ready revised versions due
         MAY 1:          Early registration deadline
         JUL 8:          Regular registration deadline
         AUG 8-12:       Conference dates

General queries to: sab94 at


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